Removing parts of the aircraft model for Home Cockpit

Can anyone point me in the right direction to a tutorial or does anyone have advice on removing parts of a default aircraft from the 3d model? Similar to Plane Maker for Xplane you could remove parts of the aircraft model that you didnt want. In the absence of a tool from Asobo to do this can it be done in Blender and then the new GLTF file imported back into the sim. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks all.

I have never used Blender, but I think you might be able to achieve what you want if you can determine the Model Node of what you want to remove, and then you can use XML to make the part Invisible.
You may need to import the model into Blender to determine the Node name ?

As well as removing (making Invisible) parts of the Model, I believe (in theory), one can add back in your own “sub Models” (as documented in the SDK)

Will try this, thank you.

@sevensixty7805, if you succeed in this let us know! I have the exact same question.

Simply move seat forward

Simply find this file and put this in front of the interior line // or ;
Cockpit will be functional as normal