Removing the tint from cockpit windshield

Does anyone know how to remove the tint from the windows and windscreens? I noticed that when I stick my head out of the window the image is better and has more definition than when looking through the glass. I would think it would be a transparency setting but I’ve searched all the config and xml files I could find without success. I’m using a Reverb G2. Any ideas how to do this?

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This to install this mod instead:

I tried that one but it only removes scratches and dirt as far as I could tell.

Does it help if you switch off Windshield effects ?

No, the tint remains.

Once I noticed how it looks without the tint I’ve been wanting to get rid of it. I find myself flying with my head poking through the roof for a clearer view. In 2D I don’t notice the problem.


You can do that by modifying the cockpit textures of the airplane you want in an image editor, as long as it can read .DDS, otherwise you will have to convert the file to .PNG than convert back to .DDS. Isolate the glass part in the texture map and play with the alpha and color values.

There is no simplier way so far I am afraid.

Ok…thanks. I’ll give that a shot and see if I can figure it out.

I guess the easier way is I’ll keep sticking my head out the windows like a dog.


Hahaha! That’s the way to do it!!

I prefer the windshield tint on the Citation it actually darkens the bright washed out looking scenery during mid day.

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