Removing the wavy vertical lines

Just bought a 6700xt to compliment my Ryzen 5 5600x and Quest 2

As this is an upgrade from an RX580, I am now starting to play around getting the best settings possible.

I have noticed, when I first start a flight in VR, every thing “wobbles”. When I go into the options menus all Vertical lines wobble.

But, if I then fire up Oculus Tray Tool (after starting my flight in VR) , this stops and the image become rock steady.

Alternatively, If fire up OTT before MSFS, I get the wobbles when starting a flight, until I go back into OTT and change the ASW settings, the wobbles go away.

I am assuming that the loading and/or changing of the ASW settings in OTT “wakes up” something in MSFS (or the oculus software) which stops the wobbles.

Is this something tthat can be done without OTT ? Am i missing a setting somewhere ?

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