Removing virtual cockpit but showing G1000 pop out displays?

I’ve found a solution to not show the virtual cockpit in a thread in this forum. The best working solution is to comment out the models.
However when I do that, I cannot display the G1000 pop out displays. Most probably because they can only be shown by right Alt + Left Mouse button over the display. Has anyone found a solution for this ? My home cockpit has two screens for G1000 and a projector setup.

Most of us just shift the camera view so most or all of the virtual cockpit is not shown. I bind the custom camera to a controller button so I can return to the normal flying view at any time. The vc is still there but just hidden out of sight so popouts still work.

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Thank you. That is how I currently also do it. But I was hoping someone found a way to remove the VC and still have access to the G1000 pop out instruments.
I’ve been trying to look into the SDK for a solution but so far haven’t been able to create anything. But I’ll keep on it.