Render Scale over 100 not save

I would like to set the render scaling to 140. but this is not saved. when restarting it is always on 100.
Thank you

Did you do anything to the user config to stop blurry clouds? Read only?

Try delete or rename file UserCfg.opt.

Load up MSFS and let it make a new one file then see if it saves.

C:\Users < UserName > \AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator

(Hidden directory)

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That helped for me when i encountered this bug some time ago.

Just to note I followed my own advice and my MSFS is still not saving as I have installed it on a separate drive I appear to have two locations for my user.cfg files one on the E drive where MSFS is installed and one on the C drive. I have tried deleting both and letting it set it up again but still won’t work.



Does anyone else have any ideas, it keeps resetting to 100% after MSFS is closed.

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