Render Scale

anyone answer me a simple question.

the sim says setting render scale above 100 to set anti-aliasing to SSAA. Below a 100 use TAA.

the anti-aliasing setting below however doesn’t list SSAA as an option?

have i missed the point?


Using render scale above 100 will provide SSAA automatically. For example, with a 1440p monitor, render scale 150 will render at 4K (1.5 times 1440p in each direction, for a total of 2.25 times the pixel count) and scale it down to fit, which provides the reduction in aliasing.

I turned up mine (1080P) monitor so I could read guage display better, it helped some, not sure enough to keep it set so high. They are not magnified any, just clearer in the display, still got to zoom in to read. No, don’t have bad eyes, believe need new monitor, since two feet or better away from JS and Throttle. In real plane suspect I’m closer and they are really bigger.