Render scaling killing my performance

When I run the game on my native resolution 1440p (on 32 inch monitor) the game is pixelated and there is a lot of shimmering in the horizon. When I put my render scaling to 150%, it is just PERFECT, but my FPS goes down by at least 50% (yes, it is to be expected).

I have TAA on and AF at 16x, but it still doesn’t look very good at 1440p. Anyone know any other way to remove aliasing/shimmering without upping my render scaling? I’m running a RTX 3080 and i7-10700k.

It’s important that both the Windows desktop and the game are in the same (and native) resolution. Changing the resolution in-game does NOT change the screen resolution, only the render resolution (along with the render scaling)

So Ultra settings, with game and desktop resolution on 1440p, along with 100% render scaling and TAA should look more than fine.

I’m running 4k @ 80% render scaling and it’s already very nice.

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Reduce the draw distance setting for buildings. This will avoid drawing them when they’re so small they don’t cover a full pixel and become “shimmery”.

Yes, it won’t look as sharp. No, it won’t look as shimmery. You have to choose. :slight_smile:

when the game first came out 100 % render scaling 100 % lod slider was perfect stunning at 1440p but after a few patches they downgraded the graphics so people had to put 200% on the sliders and more % of the render scale to try and match what they had before, its just the way it is, they no about as they have said in the past live streams they will give us a ultra + sliders,

1440p on render scaling at 100 looks good for me and get around 50-60fps on 2070s

I can play at 4k with render down to 70 or 80 and looks great too.

Hoping DLSS gets introduced. Should make for smoothly gameplay at 4k or 150 scaling when at 1440p

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Hi. Where in the game can that be set / changed ? Under “Graphics” there is a “Buildings” section , is that the one ?.

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Yes, that’s it. A lower setting will reduce the distances at which it goes to progressively lower resolution versions of buildings and eventually stops rendering them, leaving the ground texture to cover it. I believe this applies only to “autogen” buildings and photogrammetry buildings go on a separate setting, but I’m not 100% sure.

DLSS, if implemented correctly, would be a GOD SEND

But only for RTX guys.

It will be years before we see DLSS, lol, based on the progress that have been made since launch.

But still worth it.

agreed. Sigh. Guess I naively thought Microsoft would have some pull and/or have its stuff together. I get Asobo is a small group, but man it sure does take a long time to fix things.

We need better standard AA implementation first or proper fix for it, then more functions like DLSS, etc…

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