Rendering engine artifacts

In this topic, I want to touch on one important point and this is the visual part of graphic rendering.
After SU5, a gradient of color stripes appeared. This is especially visible in the sky. Glare from the sun and clouds have various greenish and purple hues of color

here is a theme that technically shows how the color palette is now displayed in the simulator
and we can compare that graphic rendering impairs color palette transmissionGood day to all!

Again touching on the theme of visual perception of the simulator

in the photo, we can see the color bars and the coarse gradient of color transitions.

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Agreed, it was all heading in the right direction it was soo good in early builds. I don’t know why they threw this simulator in the wrong direction I really really don’t get it. It was so beautiful all they had to do was iron out the bugs and add sliders to adjust for slower systems. Why they visually downgraded it as a whole is beyond me.

Night time currently is a joke and I’ll keep being very vocal about it because they actually got it soo right in the beginning and then completely wrong after in newer builds.


It might be to sell more 30X0s. Or maybe to appease those with lower end systems. System envy?

I have been saying this for such a long time.
These videos + the early tester leaks showed some amazing visuals of the sim.

I am also wrecking my brain why Asobo decided to go this route making it look so unnatural now.
It really looked great, especially the night lighting.

the night lighting bulbs are MASSIVE at this moment, and the more you go from 1080p towards 4K the blurrier and bigger they get.
On an ultrawide the lights even get stretched it’s killing immersion.

The grain indeed is a immersion killer as well.
Sharpening is overdone making it look like the entire scenery has some fine sand over it.
Too many things to mention…

I know the sim is still not in a mature state but it’s been a year, and seeing these things aren’t getting corrected or even mentioned at all is blowing my mind.

EDIT: probably the biggest immersion killer right now is those cartoon~ish oversaturated colors, if they tone it a little bit down it would allready make the sim look amazing.


and again, all these blunders suggest the separation of simulator versions into 2 parts on PC and Xbox

I wonder what prevents you from making the same content for the two platforms, but different graphics settings?

For PCs with a large set of graphics flexibility
Fixed Level of Detail XBOX
but all content is one for two platforms


Wish they add an option to bring back that night lighting, this is what we have now:



And look at the vehicle lights reflecting off the buildings!


I mean aside from all lights being orange, they were on the right track…
Nights look horrible atm, i don’t wanna fly at night.
I’ve been avoiding it for months.

Also another issue → night lights are made for 1080p, the moment u go 1440p / 4K or Ultrawides it gets to ridiculous sizes and blurs out.
Here is an example of 1080p night lighting bulbs (even zoomed in it is sharp and clear):

Here it is on my 3840x1600 native res: (it does this for runway lights & papis as well btw)


Thanks for reminding me of the awesome graphics back then in these pictures and video! Now im sad :frowning:
The ambience really was breathtaking and the finetuned lightning made it look almost photorealistic.


If we have many consonants on this topic, we can hear and correct the visual part of the clouds, the gradient of the colors of the sky.
I have raised these topics many times. I need your support from the majority!


I don’t know why they threw this simulator in the wrong direction

Microsoft needed to sell more game pass subscriptions.


Hmm 16 days have passed and this immensely important thread is already dieing after 10 posts. How can we manage to reach out to Asobo with these topics? They have not logged any of this as some kind of “bug” as they did in plenty other threads or is this already tracked by them somehow?

You really mentioned in here all the crucial points i was criticising since SU5 and even deliver the comparison via the trailer videos and screenshots.

Are there really only that few people who care about it? Unbelievable actually that Asobo just gets through with this and everyone just silently approves. i just cant believe that everyone is just that indifferent to something that impacted the whole sim in such a way :frowning:


Don’t worry X-Plane 12 is coming and it looks a lot better than MSFS.


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XP 12 isn’t what I expected :x


Yeah I shared my opinion on FSElites post about XP12 announcement, immediately got LMs troops attacking me for my personal opinion haha some personal attacks too that I laughed at… XP12 looks like xp10-11 with new shaders, 3d trees and new clouds… the clouds look terrible imo. They keep quoting the flight physics, I personally think the MSFS flight physics is on par or better than XP. Some more tweaking and it will be perfect.

MSFS is my prefered Sim, lets hope MSFS gets better and better increasing the already big gap and doesnt go backward closing it.


Yep after seeing yesterdays “announcement” for all of msfs imperfections its easily the better. Sure we have some things to sort out and fix but we have a decent base and are not working on something that looks like its from 2008 with lego graphics.

We also have a clear roadmap from the devs here so we know fixes and improvements are incoming. Having seen what others can come up with…Good work Asobo! you have my future support.

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I must have missed that. What was the announcement?

Not MSFS related but a “competitor” announcing their so called next generation.

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I’ve just finished watching the “competitor’s” annoucement. While I was taken away at first, I’ve realized that MSFS truly has an upper hand with visuals from the get go. Once visibility is added together with fog/haze/mist simulation and several bugs or missing things are implemented (wind gusts, thermals, up/downdrafts, windshear, convective turbulence etc), MSFS will be the cream of the crop.


We already had a really awesome and breathtaking sim last year, the point is that with each consecutive update many very important things got worse (peaking with SU5), which lets you worry about the actual direction they (Microsobo) are going to take… For many of us not to the better.

See that is actually the issue… There is no feedback at all from Asobo adressing the mentioned issues in this thread.