[RENO] Advanced Private Matchmaking Settings

Hey participants!

As yesterday the Q&A dropped and Asobo talked about the Reno DLC some things about these matches catched my mind which will certainly not be included in the first release.

One thing which is on the list for the time after release would be private match making which leads the way to more in depth settings.

Compared to the public matches I got the following ideas:

No reset on crash - [ ] / [•]
If you crash you are out and will watch the race as a spectator in heaven, so just don’t :wink:

Real world performance per aircraft - [ ] / [•]
in public sessions the aircraft all will have the same performance to make just flying skills count. This would be my most important wish to recreate the races as real as possible!

Takeoff and Landing - [ ] / [•]
Right now every race seem to start and end midair which is fine but it would be even better to start cold and dark as an option (and more annoying as you have to have fly formation in the correct order :wink: ). Also the race would end with the engine being cut - this way, if “no reset on crash” would be set unexpected things might still happen.

Damage - [ ] / [•]
Should be able to force turned on or off for all players to keep it fair. Engine stress and heat should damage cylinders and other components instead of turn the screen black and reset the aircraft limiting the engines output power till it’s out → then reset or end the run. Subtypes should be selectable like in normal Settings (Engine damage, structural damage…)

Advanced preliminary round rules - [ ] / [•]
As told in the Q&A preliminary rounds are simplified in public matches as there only will be one so the overall matches will be faster. It would be fun for private sessions to have as real as it gets preliminary rounds as an option.

Rounds - [Default] / [n]
Reno irl has a fix set of rounds, matches for sure also have but let’s set ridiculous numbers here just for fun till we are out of gas :smiley:

By now this list is based on the known things from the last Q&A before the release of the Reno DLC so things might still change :slight_smile:

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