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I’ve spent the last two days super frustrated with the reno planes flight models. After paying the $60 I wanted to fly some of the planes outside of the racing activity. A: to get an idea of their characteristics, and B: to not affect my scores, etc, until I’m ready to race.
I have found that with the exception of the Texan, they were all uncontrollable. I tried my logitech yoke, throttle, rudder pedals, I tried my Honeycomb yoke and throttle. Then I pulled out my trusty Logitech joystick. I tried different combinations, played with sensitivity and assist features, all to no avail.
Then I decided to just go ahead and try some time trials in each plane in the Reno activity. They all fly flawlessly in the reno race activity. Went back out to normal flying around my local airport…all trash again. Very strange.

Anyone else having these issues?

MS Store Version

I have purchased only the Mustang, and not the Reno race activity, out of curiosity, just to see how it flew. My results were the same as yours.

I have had a comparatively good experience with the sim, and have endured all the criticisms and griping up to this point.

But now I have to join in. Trying to take off and land this plane was the worst experience I have had in MSFS, and am frankly disappointed with Asobo offering something as bad as this. And for $10.00!

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Out of interest do you have other Warbirds to compare with? (Milviz Corsair, FI Spitfire, BigRadials P.40 for example) tail draggers with huge engines have their own particular handling characteristics on the ground.

If you do have any warbirds (or experience with IL-2/DCS warbirds how does the Mustang compare?

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I have the Spitfire that’s available in the sim marketplace, no issues.

In the mustang, I’ve found that the rudder trim defaults to a fair bit to the right. After setting that back to neutral it’s quite fine to fly. The flight model in the races is completely different. It’s like they’ve implemented some sort of auto-rudder.

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Can you elaborate on what it’s doing? I found the P-51 difficult to take-off, but developed my own process after some trial error. Once in the air they fly fine for me. Have you verified you’re still on the Modern flight model in the settings, and this didn’t get switched to Legacy with SU7?

I read somewhere that a beta tester said he would not buy the Reno planes when released because they were no good. I knew this post was coming. Not wasting my money until they are fixed.

I suspect the Reno racetrack has a forcefield(To put it simply) which effects the aircraft and makes them stable whilst inside the bubble. It’s a gimmick…

I have found the P-51A flyable but ‘Miss America’ just constantly attempting to roll one way or another.

As people have said, inside the Reno racing section, they fly fine.

The T-6s that I’ve tried have worked well.

Is it possible that certain Reno aircraft actually have modifications IRL to give them an advantage in a one direction turn race track but which would make them unstable in normal flight? (For example a slightly different wing shape on one side?)

If this is actually modelled then yes I suspect that a tendency to roll might be one of the characteristics.

I don’t think ‘Miss America’ is modelled in the Reno Add-on; I’m referring to the bought version and using it in the sim for other flights.

I have all the aforementioned fighters, and do remember the original takeoff experience with the Corsair to be similar until Milviz fixed it.

I would assume Asobo will follow the same path with Mustang updates.

I have a lot of experience with these huge engine tail draggers, and have learned how to compensate for this, but the Asobo Mustang doesn’t respond - at least in my case.

Before takeoff, the rudder trim needs to be set to 5 degrees to the right to compensate p-factor. So once after you takeoff you need to reset the trim to 0. In case of Miss America when you load the plane at the runway, the rudder trim already set to 5 degrees to the right.


I have had exactly the same issues and also purchased the full pack to have some other aircrft to fly out in the “real world”.

The Vodochody is uncontrollable and I cant work out how to keep it stable or on most instances get it above 250ft from a take off. However, I love flying it in a race and it handles totally differently in these to how it handles in the rest of the sim.

For the F-51, I can’t seem to even get off the ground! No amount of left pedal/gentle increase of throttle stops it from veering off to the right.

The AT -6A is a dream to fly, well balanced and great for island hopping I have found.

The SNJ-4 requires a huge amount of fiddling with the rudder trim that makes it tricky to handle. I get it has a lot or torque, and tring to find a balance to keep it on the straight and level is tricky.

There is some work to do on the flight models of the aircraft ouotside of the races, and I wish I had gone for the cheaper option than the £49 ($60) full package as, unless I am missing a big chunk of the races package, other than the liveries and aircraft I cant seem to see a big difference for the additonal spend.

If you were to purchase a stand alone “racing sim” on a PC or other platform I believe you would expect to get a lot more for you spend than what has been delivered here. I know this could be considered as comparing oranges with lemons, but if you were to consider the Reno racing pack as a stand alone product, (it has the price of one) it doesn’t have much depth that I can see. Or maybe I am missing something.

I do enjoy and find it thrilling flying around in circles in different aircraft and trying to comprehend how some other racers have completed their races/times trials minutes under those that I have achieved, but I envisage this wearuing thin after a while.

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I have the same issue. The only plane I can halfway control outside of the races is the Biplane. I use the Microsoft force feedback joystick USB on PC. Perhaps this will be fixed in the future.

I BOUGHT GUNSLINGER T6. Cant maintain fuel pressure. I bought Reno air race expansion pack. In time triles the engine dies on both p51 and t6 after about 10 seconds of flight. Extreamly dissappointed feeling robbed.

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Solution is to change from legacy to modern in the general options men under flight model.

Couldn’t find another post on this issue so hoping this thread can help.

I’ve had SpamCan/Dolly a while and always had an issue when selecting right tank (if both are on 50%). It basically empties immediately and tops up the left tank and stops the engine.

I bought the base pack and do not have the same issues but having just got the remainder of the Unlimited class I notice all the mustangs have this issue aside from Strega and Goldfinger. Not seen any posts so not sure if it’s an easy fix?

Thoughts would be appreciated.