Reno Race Beta - Never saw it pop up at In Xbox Insider Hub

Still trying, 8:25est. Nothing.

Same here…

Maybe it is because we arent paying for Xbox Live or something?

I’ve even rebooted several times.

Has it even worked for anyone yet?

Some people have gotten in. They said they continually opened and closed the insider hub on PC until it showed up.
Personally still dont have that luck

Nothing for me too and I rebooted several times…

Aren’t we supposed to at least see the beta is full?
I haven’t seen anything pertaining to this beta…

We should be able to see the beta no matter how many people got in.

haven’t seen it yet

yes indeed and like the last one, I was displayed and was impossible to join it

This is definitely frustrating. not the first time that there has been a snafu with the updates not showing up in the insider hub. I’ve tested every aspect of this game from pre-release to SU6. Super frustrating.


I’ve been at this for an hour now and figure this is either some kind of server problem or they don’t like my new haircut and blocked me…:flushed::flushed::flushed:

Same boat here. not sure what’s going on. its getting frustrating at this point.

Got in right at 8am Eastern Time this morning as scheduled. It seems to only display if you have XBOX Gold or XBOX Ultimate tiers of the Xbox Live subscription.

This was my guess. I think they are using the same core system to authenticate users on Xbox or PC. Which is why we are in this boat. Just got to wait and see what happens then.

I can confirm , that if you don’t have a x box gold sub , you cant join with the PC store version …
A bit of disappointment and this will be my first BETA I don’t participate in … O Well

It does seem to be a trend. I have let the community managers know about this, lets hope this can get fixed


I have to go, I hope they notify us…

They always do, im confident they will this time as well

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