RENO Time Trial - Loss of Control (Controls Locked Out - Logitech Bug?)

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Brief description of the issue:

  • Performed time trial with SARANCE
  • Completed Time Trial
  • Selected Re-Run Race
  • Entered race, Controls were locked.
    • Plane would not maneuver.
    • Could not interact with simulator.
    • Mouse produced hover UI, but would not interact with cockpit in any way.
    • Keyboard did not interact with simulator. Keys did nothing.
    • Could not move pilot head perspective.
    • Could not open menus.
    • Could not influence the sim in any way.
  • Sat for 12 min waiting for the plane to smash its way around all 6 laps. :sleeping:
  • Lost 2 positions due to control lockout. Disregard, I misread the UI. :slight_smile:
  • Mouse control was regained on the very sad results window.
  • Attempted to repeat Re-Run race. Same result. Total control lockout. Force Quit Simulator as the whole interface was locked out. Probably lost more positions due to that. :frowning:

Provide Screenshot(s)/video(s) of the issue encountered:
Nothing to screen shot, simulator refused to respond to input until after the race.

Detail steps to reproduce the issue encountered:
Fly time trial.
Click restart.
Throttle up prior to getting control hand off. (Make lots of inputs because it is super vague when control is going to be handed off)
Await ghost to separate.
Experience total loss of control.
Feel sad watching plane crash for 12 minutes.

PC specs and/or peripheral set up of relevant:
Win10 Latest
CPU: AMD Ryzen3 5900x
GPU: 11 yr old AMD Potato (Yes it’s underspec, No I have never had sim trouble with it. First time trial was brilliant. Framerates were acceptable the entire duration of the control lockout.)
Thrustmaster 16000 HOTAS
Logitech Pedals

Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue:
Day 1 Reno Expansion

There seems to be a bug in the control hand-off to the user during repeat races. Possible “race condition”, no pun intended. I’ll have to break it some more to get an idea. I will reengage the feature by entering the time trial from the menu, exiting after the race completes, and then starting a fresh time trial.

I am sad about lost points, I was doing good. Only defect for time trial is the inability to leave the experience, and the continual plane crashing. Please investigate, so more people aren’t also sad. :frowning:

Follow Up:

  1. Exiting each race to the main RENO menu is an effective work around. It is a lot slower, but so far each race is stable when using the work around.
  2. Most likely this is an edge case of the “logitech controls locked out due to mouse look” bug mentioned by Marciel on the Dev Talk. After rewatching the dev talk, and contemplating the replication procedure - this seems reasonable. Possible frozen ‘look state’?