Repainting problem after MSFS update

Before the latest update, if I wanted to see how a repaint work was progressing, I could do it from the hanger : ie (1) Change Livery , then profile and back to hanger and (2) then change livery again to the one I’d been working on and again, Profile and back to Hanger, where I would be able to see the changes I had made.

This doesn’t seem to work anymore, I have to completely close the program and restart it to see any changes I’ve made . Is there a quicker way (change aircraft and then back to the one I’m working on, perhaps)

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Think you can by doing the following
enable dev mode
open a new project
go to aircraft editor
Press file resync

I moved this to the #sdk-discussion:liveries category because it’s about making liveries.

I couldn’t figure out the developer mode route, but I found I can see updates fairly quickly by changing aircraft, then going back to the aircraft and livery on which I am working.

doesn’t work for me and I can’t do the thumbnails