Repeated CTD's &

I think, you would need to rebuy or try the X-box pass, where MSFS is included for testing.
Check other threads before doing something like this, as this may give problems on the same machine.

Lol in theory that should really only take an hour at most for the whole sim but of course there’s a lot of possible bottlenecks along the way and I doubt the sim is hosted on fast enough peer to peer servers anyway. I have the recommended 50mbps and it’s pretty solid especially in the dead of night.

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Too expensive for testing purposes :wink: But I think the MS store version also just downloads the base simulator files (~1GB), the existing (large) packages on your hard disk can be selected and used.

Every time I reinstalled it took a very long time

And now I can’t even open msfs2020… just a black screen after selecting the application… oh Jeeze. Going to uninstall via Steam and it should save the big files…

I suggest next time you change your ISP’s DNS setting to google’s one.

I’m on Windows 11 and don’t know my way around yet but you can google how

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I created a bug report on zendesk for this issue. Enough of fiddling around with that.


I have sent 3 zendesk reports already on this issue


I have sent one too.

I hope the 24 August update fixes things, although I am not optimistic. From what I have seen there isn’t much we can do to fix the problems.

And it didn’t save the large game files… back to downloading 127gb… darn

There has to be some way to speed up the download process I have plenty of internet speed but it goes so slow on the sim when downloading

I doubt this is it but you should check your advanced power settings aren’t allowing the external drive to hibernate/sleep/turn off … and the same for USB connections in Device Manager.

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I’ll check once this finishes downloading

OK and as it’s nearly 2am over here I have to sleep … good luck!

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I never had any change since July 26, I have uninstalled, reinstalled 3 times since then, still crash to desktop. It crashes to desktop on one of two stages, either during loading the app after launching, or it loads to main menu but crashes after loading a plane, any plane, any place on cockpit view.
It does not crash if I start with the outside/external view camera, it only crash anytime switching to or starting at the cockpit view (inside view).
I have not heard anyone who is having this particular problem, any one had something similar to this?

Did you get any reply on these tickets?

I get the same CTD randomly with error Exception code: 0xc0000005. I never got any until latest update.

Nope not at all

Still a lot of CTD. 9 of 10 times when in flight (end of flight) and trying to return to “main menu”. CTD no error… Never ever had a single CTD in the old versions.

Also LOD is still Terrible. Manual set the Lod to 6 in usercfg makes the sim look a lot better again.

Come on Asobo. I know you can do a lot better. As a beta tester I know that the sim in the first steps was Magnificent!! Clouds beautifully but now… Clear White no details….

Give us back the sim as it was in the first stages of life. That was, looking at the graphics, all i wished.


I just wish people stopped making this about other people’s hardware and/or systems. Really, how bad is it that a person has to go through the pain of paying to have non-functioning software (and expensive one at that) for an unknown amount of time, come to the forums for some guidance to then have some “expert” talk out their ■■■■ about ■■■■ they don’t understand and question every bit of hardware on one’s PC?

Are people even aware of what a BIOS update is or how little it has to do with software to OS level interactions? If people say they have already uninstalled and reinstalled and sometimes even formatted their systems out of desperation why keep pushing the matter of it being their own systems’ fault? Really? A “underpowered” PSU is causing MSFS to crash? Explain that logic to anyone with a minimal knowledge of how electricity works.

If someone is in a car accident do you go to them and tell them they should have gotten more horsepower or nitrous oxide to get out of the accident?

If people run MSFS sporadically on SU5 and ran it fine on SU4 and nothing changed on their systems except the app that is crashing the answer is pretty self-explantory. If with the same hardware and the same input the sim sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t then it is pretty self-explanatory that it is the software that’s the issue and lastly if the sim is the only software giving people grief when people are running other complex apps with no issue then it is definitely the sim’s fault and not the machine’s.

Please stop fanboying so hard that you can’t see that the sim is ■■■■■■ and stop questioning people’s machines or knowledge of computers on a first assumption basis. Otherwise it’s the same as coming here and saying “it runs fine on mine” and that serves no one other than your already bloated ego.


Running a clean install. CTD happened about 55% into the loading of the main menu. Only made it to the menu once after installation.
i7, 16 GB, Nvidia GTX960m

Get more details at … Application crashes at loading screen - vanilla install & updated