Repeated CTD's &

Of course there is the unscientific way of changing the ssd’s drive letter in the hope it’s just reading the wrong root but that must also mean updating UserCfg each and every time to match and when it doesn’t work putting them both back to the current.

If you do this do not switch off or restart the PC if windows is on a drive that you have changed letters, if you are lucky and find a cure for the sim then we can tackle windows later

Wait, what (face as in huh? like in very surprised :scream: ) ?

The only thing DNS does is translate a hostname to an ip address, which should be exactly the same as your internet provider does. So route to server would not change, the only change is that the name is translated faster to an IP address… When translated it is cached locally so you do not need a server anymore for some time.

You are 100% sure there is nothing wrong with your network?

It used to work for me eons ago, maybe when google says jump ISP’s tend to do just that. Of course it could just be a coincidence too :smiley:

A faster DNS would definitely make a difference when contacting a lot of different servers in a short amount of time. If your provider does 100ms response and does 3ms response, it’s way faster initially. the speed for download would not change. If a website responds within 30ms with data, 130 feels so much slower then 33 ms :wink:

Ok, so when investigating these CTD’s in the event viewer, also try to look around for surrounding:

  • Information,
  • Warning,
  • Error

Items, if for example 1,2,3 or 4 seconds before or after a CTD occurs you see an error/warning with sound for example, that could be a hint

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About the only thing it could do is get around any DNS server issues, where the original kept doling out the same addresses to servers that might be overloaded. Using a different DNS server might yield different results, but to be fair I don’t know what the client is requesting. Let’s say you had access to a DNS server based in the US, and you are in the UK. If you use the US DNS server, do get US content servers back? If the client knows where it is, then it probably won’t matter which DNS server you use, as the client will know what content servers to pull from.

I use the Quad9 DNS servers myself, and I have never had that looping download issue before, but I have had the slow download issues many times, and a VPN has helped with that, choosing a different country. But I’ve not closely examined which content servers it ends up downloading from.

But its right that the DNS servers themselves will have no direct effect on download rates, its just name resolution.

What would be interesting to do would be fire up a copy of Wireshark, and inspect the DNS packets.

That depends on if round robin is used and if DNS updates are already cascaded to other DNS servers. a TTL is a kind of hint when a DNS entry needs to be refreshed. A provider decides how long it is being cached (could be exhorbitant in relation to TTL). If it’s not round robin and there would be one IP address a load balancer would route your request to an internal server with (hopefully) the least amount of “busy” time.

Load balancers + much more would be used anyway at MS :wink:

Sorry, let me answer this

Nope, the ip address you contact is leading for where you download from in combination with your source ip address. Like you mention, a VPN helps. because the VPN address would be source, and not yours ;).

Why VPN is faster then your normal, is again a different story involving all parties required in your connection route :wink:

Hopefully i explained it a bit. Cheers!

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Well…i’ve got the same problem! was in a flight for 4 hours and got a CTD… its so annoying

Seemingly a much different problem to these poor folk that can’t even fly. I suggest you follow all of the official recommendations and then if the CTD’s happen again then file an acurately recorded bug report to Zendesk. In the meantime use HWMonitor or similar to keep an eye on your temperatures as it will record the maximums that you reached which might be useful for diagnosis.

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Hi, I had the same issue (in VR). I uninstalled openXR and the sounddriver, forcing Win to use its own (as CTDs always followed a cracking noise). I don’t know what did the trick, but now I don’t have any CTDs anymore.

Maybe the same as with Nahimic? It is also mentioned as an app that could cause problems (in many games as far as i have understood). I think Nahimic is default on MSI and Asus boards/prebuilds?

Mine was realtek.

In the 30 odd years I’ve been messing with computers why does it always seem to be flaky audio drivers? Of course in the sim they’re pretty easy to test, flying with audio disabled in device manager should say a lot.

Ha! yeah, quite often, definitely. I remember i had a hanging MFS process while having the volume mixer open for turning down the volume of the sim in favor of some music.

At a certain point, the visuals hung but the audio keeped playing, quite monotone, the volume mixer was unresponsive, but the sim was not (in the task manager). But after force closing the sim, the volume mixer got responsive again. I did see a wanring in the event logger about warning. but don’t remember the cause anymore :frowning: . So, i can’t say which of the two was to blame anymore

I must admit that I finally lose faith in the quality of MSFS 2020 programmers. Any work with ATC leads to CTD, entering the transponder code - CTD. And this is on a standard Cessna 172 with Garmin 1000. It is better not to touch the airplanes of modders at all, they practically do not work. And I return to my formerly beloved XPlane-11, where everything that worked before, predictably works in the new version 11-50. Goodbye, until the best times of the unfortunate MSFS 2020, broken by the gnarled hands of programmers.


X-plane haven’t just shifted half of their processes to other cores, sounds easy. Isn’t.

i Have exactly the same… 9 out of 10 ending a flight, returning to the menu…CTD, no flight logging.


Nothing wrong with the network. All my other games work flawlessly. Speed is at 460mbps. I just found it weird the download went a little quicker than the previous times…


@DriiftForce : Meanwhile I got some reactions to my bug report. My msinfo logs were viewed, but their response was aiming faulty mods/addons or 3rd party software. I clearly told them, that I had a clean new Windows installation and a “vanilla MSFS”. I reopened the ticket and hope that they go deeper and the bug is getting into their internal tracking system.

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Even with a weaker system than yours’s up until a couple of weeks ago pre SU5 & hotfixes, I was able to fly with limited problems. NOW I am getting CTD all the time. Originally Zendesk blamed it on my Community Folder content of REX Global Airport Textures (that was not and is not the problem). In the latest round of CTD with Zendesk I have been told to dumb down the following settings: Render Scaling from 200 to 100, Terrain Level of Detail from 150 to 100, and Objects Level of Detail to below 100. That worked at small, rural airports and areas but it DOES NOT work at larger airports and areas (i.e. New York City). The old settings worked until the SU5 update and hotfixes.

This is a ridiculous situation and one that needs to be addressed by Microsoft AND Asobo immediately.

It is obvious they do not have the answers and are guessing at solutions. Which means that I and everyone else who are spending our time “debugging” CTD’s for the parties responsible for MSFS.

My computer specs:
Windows 10 Pro Version 20H2 build 19042.1165
AMD Ryzen 5 3400 8 core 32GB ram
AMD 5700XT video

Latest updates from Store, Xbox, AMD, Microsoft and Asobo are all installed.

UPDATE August 19 2021: Soooo…I know this is not a solution BUT it gives me MSFS back without CTDs. MY SOLUTION, after trying all kind of alternatives suggested by Asobo, was to take my AMD GPU driver back from the current 21.6.1 to a November 30 2020 driver 20.11.3. This has always been a stable driver for me. Asobo perhaps you can figure out the difference in handling GPU interfaces with MSFS between these two drivers and get closer to the fixing CTD for many users?