Replace the end of flights window with a shortcut key

By doing exactly what you are doing …do nothing

There need to be an option to not display this screen at all. It is ok for missions or landing challenges or whatever. But in free flight I want to stay in simulation mode.


Yes agreed
Ex Tenenbris

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Am also in favor of changing the end of a flight. Press the Esc key as present, it should be. And if you want, you can still look at the details of your flight in the logbook.

Hard agree! To end the session just because you are in the process of shutting down the aircraft is ridiculous. Maybe for a CTRL+E shutdown it would be fine but not when you are performing a manual shutdown.

There could be many reasons to shut down that don’t mean you are done with the session. At least allow us to disable it, then it can be left on for the Arcade Kiddies.

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There is a very popular topic for this:


Ok i agree. Bye

That doesn’t seem fair.

What is it that you object to, that makes you want to vote against it?

Having a distinct action (such as pressing a key) to end the current session? Really??


The logbook at the end of a flight. With the Continue button, restart or go to the main menu, we don’t need this dialog. When I shut down the a320neo’s engines, I don’t want the logbook on my face.

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free flight isn’t free when the sim decides you’re done mid shut-down. Give the power to the people. Let US decide when we’re done shutting down our airplane. MFSGA lol.
If MSFS simply corrected this and gave us fly-by view in one update they’d get a pass for weeks on the rest of the bug sheet.

Vote no. I for one welcome our new Microsoft Overlords.

I don’t get any ‘end of flight’ window. When I stop and shut the engine the plane just sits there. I can start it up again and move it around, take off or press ESC a couple of times to quit the flight.

It differs between planes. On some planes (like the A320) shutting down the Engines is enough. On others (many of the single seaters) the pop-up happens when you have engines shut down, and turn off the batteries/FMS.

It’s pretty simple to just hit the continue option… I personally like when it pops up and I do same sequence every time to get it. Shut down engines wait 10 seconds turn off battery, works every time for me. Vote no

Asobo could give us the option to enable or disable this feature in the assistance menu.

That would be giving people a choice. Can’t do that. Gotta be one way or the other.

It will create a new entry in the logbook though. So fi you’re using the logbook (not everyone is) it’s annoying to get a second entry without starts and landings just for the shutdown procedure.

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Was not aware it creates a duplicate in the logbook if you choose the continue option. Now I can understand the annoyance.

On another note have any of you ever had the logbook display wrong info? As in wrong plane and wrong departure and arrival listed.

Nope, I haven’t.
Only thing I’ve noticed is the logbook not working while in Dev mode, but that makes sense I guess.