Replay adds so much more depth to MSFS. It's really needed for the XBox release

So I had a chance to try one of the freeware replay systems: Flight Recorder » Microsoft Flight Simulator. It just has the basics, like play, rewind, pause, and you can set the speed of the replay. You can also view the plane from different angles in the replay just as you can when you normally fly, including the wing view.

But replay made that flight in MSFS so much better and more fun, even though the version I tried only had the basics. I could watch the replay from the wing view like a passenger. And then I could watch the takeoff and landing from the ground view.

Replay is such a critical feature and I’m surprised it still hasn’t been released yet for MSFS. I hope it’s released sooner, rather than later. And in my opinion, they got to get replay out before the XBox release. They should have had it for the PC release but whatever. This is something that you need when MSFS is released for XBox - I would not release MSFS for XBox without replay mode. It makes MSFS that much more enjoyable and a better simulator.

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According to the feedback snapshot, a replay system in MSFS is scheduled for sometime this year.

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