Replay function missing?

I want to know if there’s a replay key or if there’s not I’ll there’s ever be one?


Not yet, in discussions they said they have an internal replay system but it’s not ready for primetime.

Hi everyone.

There were four or five threads requesting an Instant Replay & Flight recording system, so I have merged them all into one. This helps us keep the #self-service:wishlist category tidy, and allows us to fully discuss the proposed replay system all in one place.

The Developers addressed this issue recently during the Twitch Q and A stream.


Kindly add the replay and flight recording system!


I’m happy to hear that there will be a reply function, but I hope that we would also be able to save all that flight data and be able to replay it at a later time (much like the what fsrecoreder used to do).
It would also be nice to be allowed to move the internal camera anywhere inside the cabin and set up custom wing views, so that we can enjoy the reply from a passenger perspective.


Hi @a4aca,
Welcome to the forums. There has been significant response from the developers on Q&A (and Feedback Snapshots) on the Replay Function. There currently is a replay function available in-house to developers, however without a decent user interface that would make its use easy. The function is actively being worked on and I implore you to re-watch the Dev Q&A and re-read the Developer Updates which may answer any further questions you might have :slight_smile:


option to replay flight.


Are you asking for a feature to watch a video of your flight, or are you asking for a button that lets you restart the flight?

I’m asking for a feature that allows to replay a video of my flight. thanks


X-Plane Has a useful function where you can Save a flight and then replay it later This is useful for taking additional external camera angles to edit into a video and also to allow non-pilots to experience a flight without having to do any of the work while sitting in the cockpit. It’s also fun to watch your landings from the ground after you make them… X-plane Also allows saving situations at any point in a flight. Then at a future time you can pull up that situation and continue the flight from that point with all switches and aircraft Parameters and configuration the same. This is useful for practicing Maneuvers, approaches and landings where you don’t want to spend all the time starting a new flight to get into the position to practice a skill. Both of these are useful and should be included in FS2020


Yeah at least would be nice to be able watching your recent Landing… or crash :man_shrugging:
Lets say from 5 Minutes before Touchdown to three Minutes after Touchdown at least.

An implementation of a simplifyed Flight Data Recorder would be the icing on the cake, graphical analysis of Vertical Speed, IAS, Glide Slope Deviation etc. for either the past X Minutes or a time frame you can choose to record.

OMG there is so much basic stuff missing the new Sim, but so much potential :disappointed_relieved:


Yes! Please, please, please put this on your “to-do” list.

In FSX, the requested feature was available under the in-game drop-down menu options and was called “Instant Replay”.

It was invaluable, particularly on landings, for analyzing from various viewpoints, I.E. tower view, wing view, tail view, etc. to determine exactly how well one had landed their aircraft and what areas needed to be worked on…

I so miss it!


yeah I would also agree to have this feature added again at some point.

Implement a recording/replay/video feature!!!


Yes need replay my landing like FSX !!

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Just did a terrible landing and I thought it would be nice if we had a replay option. Different views, tower, runway etc.


Yeah, it would be great, if there exisits something like a (Nav)Balckbox ;), so you can replay the Flight.

Great job on the sim. I am impressed but any plans to add a replay feature to the sim? I really miss this feature from other sims/versions?



Mark Ross


+1 for replay!


I was so looking forward to reviewing landings in much better detail than FSX. really can’t believe this was left off. Would like to think it’s soon to come in an update.

I’ve tried switching over to the drone view at touchdown, but the lack of ability to continue to control the plane in drone
view makes that useless.