Replay function not a top wishlist?

just saw the patch update on the main site, Is there a replay function being worked on as soon as posible?
I’m shocked that this sim doesn’t have that function from the start.

Don’t you guys want to replay that smooth butter landing you had?
This sim is obviously beautiful and replay function will boost the way you can appreciate the sim graphic beauty


Why would I want to replay my crash landing? :grinning:

Seriously though I’d love to have this feature. Especially when VR is included as it’s a good way to demonstrate it to friends/family without them having to control the aircraft.



I want to equip Flight Simulator with as many resources as possible (RAM, CPU, etc.). This will give me better graphics, better performance and more FpS. A replay function would only cost unnecessary performance, which I then miss elsewhere. I would want to disable it immediately and don’t need it. If Replay, then please with on/off switch. I do not want to vote for it, because I think it is unnecessary.

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I hope the replay function come back to the simulator

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Not sure it’d make any difference to your performance if you don’t use it.
Previous flight sims had it. Should you want to use it, you would press record (admittedly this would use more resources) & then play the flight reply afterwards.
Unless you record the flight then it’s not going to make the slightest difference to your performance, so it doesn’t harm to include this feature. Besides, I think most people want it.


Of course we’d like replay. But there are honestly more pressing issues.

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That is a feature I thought I’d see by release date. Even if its buggy, they said they have this function for developers to produce the trailer. Clearly they have something prepared.

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And a fly-by cam that could be adjusted in height and/or laterally to relationship with the aircraft flying by would be a plus. Or heck, just your standard fly-by cam.

I think this is the first flight sim I’ve owned that didn’t include at least one of either replay capability or fly-by camera mode.

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even assetto cora, a car/racing sim has a replay function
I think this is an essential feature on a sim to know how was your performance or just record in different angles to share with your friends

I added my vote to the wishlist. I didn’t think to do it before because there was a video from the developers and they said it was on their roadmap (but I don’t think they said when to expect it).

Add me to the list as well. Replay is the best part of a sim. I really miss it.

You can show your support for the replay wishlist here: Replay function missing?

It’s the only feature I was shocked it was not included from the very beginning.
Hope it’s get added soon.

Dou you guys have any clue about some addon/patch with a replay mode coming soon?

100% bring back Replay s’il vous plait, Asobo.

I’m going to close this thread and direct future conversation on this issue to Replay function missing?