Replay system - anyone tried this?

Could you expand your assessment, similar to WAVE015

Can someone confirm, that the tool is also working with the FBW A320?

Does it replay ground spoilers, reverse thrust etc. ?

As of now, it does not display any of the control surfaces such as spoilers or flaps.

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From there website:
Recording of flight parameters like gear up/down, flaps and various other mainly visual elements. – done – testing

I think soon to have an update from them :slight_smile:

Video using FS Playground!

Hi !

I m developer of FlightControlReplay , this will be out soon (January is long :smiley: ).

Please see my announcement here :

And there are tons of youtube streamer that are enrolled in closed beta. See these videos … And see what my addon can do .

PLAY AS AI TRAFFIC (formation flying) , Video rendering, SMOOTH Replay , FrameByFrame rendering … and user can choose FPS for replay or can leave System decide which FPS are the best option for smooth flight …

As i done in the past with famous airplane (3rd party) for P3D and FSX , i work hard to make all things working smooth for all plane (not only standard included planes)

Other than that i want note that all next major or minor release will be FREE for all customers !


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A very nice video! But I see you have the same problem as I do. The movements of the aircraft is jerky when seen from a “stationary” camera. I wish this could be fixed.

Thank you thank you and thank you NVG team !

Just received a e-mail from the FS Playground developers.

Dear friends hi!

We are glad to spam you again with our news!

Version 0.99.18 brings the following:

  • Aircraft systems now recorded and played back: Ailerons, Elevator, Rudder, Flaps, Spoilers, Engines, Reversers.
  • A new tab in the Replay screen named “Video”. It is for advanced video producers and creates sequences of pictures for importing to video editing software. This gives full control to video editing of quality, zero jitter (assuming the track was captured with no jitter- more on that later) and frame by frame export. It eliminates the need for video capturing software. It is a big subject that some will find extremely interesting.

The development now focuses on :

  • user operations,
  • some UI improvements
  • a very important track optimization. This will allow even low end systems to have much better frame capturing and will benefit tremendously normal playback as well as the new frame by frame export.


  • The internal web browser, for those that use the Position Libraries to explore the world and compare FS with real life, is ready and awaits integration.
  • The “Weather hunter” is being worked on in parallel and is past midpoint for alpha testing.

The forums are beginning to be operational and discussion for current and future features is expected to light up. You are welcome to join us.

There is a much greater need for tutorials and videos, as a lot of features are either obscure or misunderstood.

A proper FAQ is underway with meaningful and concise information.

Before un-spamming you, a couple of technical clarifications:

  • The frame by frame export will only reproduce whatever the track has captured. Make your tracks with the lowest possible graphical settings and the highest fps. Then save it and replay it with high rendering quality during playback.
  • The fact that we chose to produce captured frames and not video, is because it is how the professional producers work. Transforming picture sequences to video in professional software gives full control to the video editor.
    Still, for the casual user, a video encoder of some sort is on the list, but with low priority.
  • We are not exporting a lot of aircraft system’s data, not because it cannot be done, it is very easy to have them by the thousands; it is because the end goal is to have a balance between your fps and visual quality.

To use the frame by frame export:

  • Record a track and save it

  • Go into Replay mode and use the replay controller to select start and end frames

  • Make sure your Export folder is available, selected and empty

  • Choose an appropriate base filename.

  • Set the “Delay before capture” to reflect your system’s capabilities, 30 to 40 msec is a good starting point.

  • Select 2X if you want double frames (interpolated) than the ones recorded (same with smooth playback, in fact they are the same control)

  • Press “Start export” button.

  • Once finished, import the images as a sequence to your editing software, set the duration and you are all set.

A detailed tutorial will follow. Remember, it is an involved process meant for the pros.

Closing this email, we are glad because through this journey, we have met remarkable people that honor us with their help, meaningful criticism and kindness.

We are truly and sincerely grateful.

Team NVG

Hello all,

Today I purchased FS Playground to check out the replay function.

Unlucky, I am not satisfied at all. As soon as the tool is connected to the Simulator, really hard stuttering occurs. If you are planning to record videos to upload for youtube f.e, I can´t recommend that tool at all. Especially, when using airliners with glass cockpits.

When turning off the replay tool, the normal MSFS stutters are there, but the tool really degrades the ingame performance.

There is like an inbuilt recorder within FS playground, but when you want to record your videos with a professional tool like OBS, the stutters are there.

I am gonna try out the inbuilt recorder now and report the results.

My Computer:
Ryzen 7 3800X
RTX 3080 OC
32GB RAM 3200MHz

I think, I wasted 20 Euro today. There is no refund, so think twice to get this tool. I am excited to see what Flight Control Replay will deliver. For recording purposes the FCP tool got better utilities (Saving Recordings etc.).

Stutter Demonstration:

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I think we should always think twice before hard criticizing.

I say that due to the fact, in my system this app works excellent. Do not forget this is in beta atm.

Check your system.

Regarding utilities etc make sure to read on their site and watch on FS Playground YouTube channel.

FS Playground reports

Good news.

FS PLAYGROUND updated their app yesterday.

New update with slow motion.

Nice one FS Playground !


If you have multiple screens, can the ui sit on another screen whilst msfs runs and it knows what to record?

I am wondering, why don’t you guys wait for the native replay instead of wasting money on something that might come naively into the sim this year?

I bought it because I felt it was worth the $20 to be able to replay approaches and landings now, not “sometime” in 2021. I’m not a content creator, but this is priceless to those who are.


Yes you can.

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We are talking for 19 euro for life…

I don’t think Microsoft’s replay it will ever be so smooth as FS Playground.

Not to mention about the rest of utilities comes with it. Library system, Force feedback, video etc.

I suggest to check their website.

20euro maybe not be a big deal for you or me but other folks 20euro for them is a big deal :wink:
Sure if we are talking about media creation, I totally agree with you, a professional replay tool would be better since you need more features … etc. However, I am sure for the majority of the folks here, they don’t need all these functions, they just need something to replay and hence was my comment about it.


I really like FS Playground, it keeps getting better. here is a video showing how it works on my 4 monitor system. My system is 4 years old and not very powerful, but it runs very well IMHO.
Here are my system specs:

Gigabyte 8th gen lga1151 motherboard z2370 hd3, i5 8600 8th gen 4.3ghz, Thermaltake 750w power supply, 4 x 8gb ddr4 dimm, MSI force GTO 1070 8gb ddr5, 2 Crucial MX500 SSD 500gb, 1TB Samsung 750 M.2 SSD, DVD-rw data driv, Win 10 home, StarTech wireless PCIe network adapter, Thermaltake mid tower case H26TG • 4K main display with 3 HD displays, one is a touch screen. Often used as 3 1080P NVIDEA surround screens and one HD touchscreen for AirManager.

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