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Why is the replay tool still in the experimental option? It’s not good, I love the sim, way too much, but want it to be easier to see and share experiences. The files I do get to save are way too big to share. Am I missing something? I’ve not been a simmer until this year. Any help appreciated! Kev

Unfortunately that’s they way the in-sim replay tools works, and its not going to get any further development.
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Thanks for the reply, I appreciate it. Still lots to like, but I’ve invested lots in this and coming from gaming in general it just feels like I’d assumed something so easy to do would be included. Never mind. Cheers for the explanation Zeanuck. Have a good day.

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Try Sky Dolly. Pretty powerful and easy to use. On PC only though of course:

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After all it’s only 3rd on the wish list so why on earth would even bother to give us a reason why not let alone do anything about it😱

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“Done” is a strong word I feel, but as already pointed out there are viable alternatives.

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Personally I have used skydolly and it is very good, but I just recently picked up FS replay tool, which has a large learning curve, but it allows you record your sessions as well as playback. Unfortunately it is PC only, as is sky dolly.