Please. The Replay !!! We can’t see our landings !!!
It’s an emergency !

Do you agree with me ?


Bit dramatic.

Why don’t you use the search function, find the wishlist threads requesting this and vote there?


While I do agree, I feel there are more pressing issues at the moment.


While I would LOVE a replay feature, there are a ton of other things I think should take much higher priority. Not much point in recording your flights if the avionics or AP isn’t working right, is there? lol

However, in the most recent Q&A, Asobo did confirm a replay system already exists as a dev tool and for creating their videos, but the “front facing” side for users isn’t there yet and needs much work. So it’s coming. Be patient.


The good news is they are in the prototype phase with replay… scheduled for 2021.

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For me everything has been working fine with the 787 for a long time. The concerns are especially on the A320 … On the other hand, did not pollute the system with external Addons. This feature of REPLAY is really important to see our landings in detail.

Unfortunately, not everyone shares your good fortune.

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Yes I understand. It’s curious because I have an average configuration and it sticks well. I think the SSD is just needed to make it work well.

I have relatively few problems that prevent me from enjoying the game. And I would love to have reply as well. But the game has a lot of incomplete planes that don’t work the way they should, incomplete avionics that neither operate as they should nor work reliably at all times. And the big, big issue preventing thsi game from really shining, the shamefully incomplete and very poorly documented SDK.

Whether or not and I have those problems, I place that as a higher priority for MSFS and the community than my personal desires.

Mine is running from a fast, dedicated Samsung M.2 NVMe drive and i get the same issues as many others too.

I have the main game files loaded on a Samsung 970 EVO 1TB NVMe and game data on a new Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1TB NVMe. I share the same problems as others as well.

But in any case, the replay feature is coming. I think it’s quite likely we’ll get it in one of the next 2-3 updates.

Same here. I have two 1TB Samsung Evo Plus 970 nvme drives, they’re fast as heck but yeah same issues as many.

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Good news,

There will be a replay tool available in January, it is called Flight Control Replay.

I am not involved in the development, nor am I sponsored.
I am just participating in the closed beta an I got the permission to create a video for the community and use it in my streams.

I am not Stephen Spielberg, so don´t expect too much in terms of cinematics in my preview video.
However, the tool is actually really great! Watching MSFS2020 in replay and slow motion is sooo much more beautiful. This will enable video creators for so many great things - can´t wait for the release.

It also does much more then just recodings and replay (e.g. AI aircrafts for shots of formation flights, works in VR, automated camera changes, etc.).

Check out this video:



That’s very good news !
Thanks for this video!
We can’t wait to test it!

Wow, awesome, i Miss the replay Option from xplane 11 all day.
Is it possible to Buy the replay Tool Now and get into the Beta?