Replicating what tools I had in X-Plane (VR)

Hi all,

Really enjoying VR as I hope we all are, apart from lack of controller support. I’m trying to replicate the following tools that I had in VR and wondered if any developments were happening from either ASOBO or third party. I’m relatively technical when it comes to fiddling around with settings for which I thank X-Plane. I’ve managed to find most of the stuff and MSFS provides a lot out of the box that I no longer need a plugin for, but do we have the following yet?

Vatsim, Pilotedge wired up to cockpit radios.
Flight logging


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We SO need avitab…


Would something like this be of use?:

In the mean time, if you use oculus, you could always just open a virtual desktop (+ on the oculus tool bar) screen and pin it, and that will come into the game.

For WMR, while in cliff-house etc, I think you can open the desktop and click the “follow me” button on windows you want to bring into the sim.

To use the mouse to move it, I have to move the mouse pointer down off the game’s screen (like a second virtual monitor that sits below the game monitor) then the mouse appears and windows can be moved around while in game. Left-click + mouse wheel moves the window closer or further away.

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Latest OpenXR fixes the crash in WinMR. So you can open Start Menu anytime in VR and open anything now, including the Desktop. Best experience ever!

Thanks for the tip! Do you know if that would work with HTC Vive Pro headset?

How do you get the latest OpenXR? When I open the start menu in a flight, it still crashes VR mode. Nothing seems to be any different.

The update should be from Microsoft Store. In the OpenXR Developer Tools, do you see custom scaling of 20%? If you see that, you should be on latest OpenXR.

Yes I am on that. WMR Start menu still crashes VR.

That’s strange. They definitely fixed something for me as I also got crashes to 2D immediately when opening WMR Start Menu before the update, and now I fly everyday with the Desktop or music pin to 1 side. Also tried today after the World Update too.

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