Report traffic in sight

Has anyone been able to find the other plane? The “three o’clock” is from my heading, right? (Otherwise it would be given as an absolute heading, I suspect.)

Yes a few times. Recently near Manchester UK

That bring me back some old FSX memories. Most of those ends in me answering yes to ATC even if I can’t see anything.

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As in real life it’s hard to spot. But sometime you get them… and sometime if “no factor” when you get one :wink:

Happened this morning while I was cleared through Newark NJ’s control area on the way to Teterboro from Philly. Got the notice from ATC, acknowledged, caught site of the referenced airliner coming into Newark on my 12:00 up a thousand or two and reported visual contact to ATC. Easy peezee.

Happened to me for the first time when I was doing some snow flying. I only saw the aircraft’s lights because my windows were so iced over, so I reported that I didn’t see the traffic. Not sure if that’s correct though.

I’ve never been able to spot traffic when informed its at my 4’oclock to 8 o’clock direction. I’d prefer to get traffic advisories to the front of me and near my altitude.

If I get a warning from ATC, they are usually close enough for me to spot them. I can’t always spot them further away than that, though. I still try. Just this morning I had five very close calls within as many minutes flying into KJFK. The TCAS would’ve been going nuts ,if it existed.

In real life, ATC reports traffic with respect to your ground direction, which may or may not be where your nose is pointed (e.g. if there’s a wind you may be pointed slightly off). In the sim, I’m not sure if they’ve done it this way.

I had a VERY close call today flying into exactly JFK. I was crusing in IFR 8000’, and a jet came directly towards me at 8500’. ATC called and asked me to report “in sight” the moment it passed over me. Super super too late.

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What does ATC expect me to do when asking to report traffic at 8 o’clock anyway? Use my rear mirror?

You mean they’ve never asked to to report 6 o"clock? Has happened to me a few times and every time I think, what the heck.