[REPORTED] Anyone else getting a Connection lost?

This was the only time I had no server since launch. If it stays that way I don‘t care about why and how this happened. And now back into the cockpit and continue my flight from the Isle of Skye. What a gorgeous scenery! Clouds look great as well. Also hardly any water creeping up the coasts so far (only sometimes very far in the distance, which if I remember correctly has always been like that).


I am also having connectivity problems. No Marketplace, no servers (automatic only), and the UK update is not happening.

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I’m stuck in a download loop. It starts to download a file, then the connection speed slows down to zero then restarts again and so on in an infinite loop… Any suggestion please?

All is well now on my side. Thanks everybody for the input.

Because some people do not realise forums such as this exist, all they do is try to play and get an unhelpful error message that tells them diddly squat, other then to visit a forum. Maybe if they put a honest “The Servers are down, you can play offline whilst we fix them” message, people would not go down the Google route which gives answers from those who have had actual problems, and end up either breaking something else or giving up and re-installing. Microsoft from the first edition of Windows have been ■■■■ with their error messages, they have always made them sound like the problem is your end.


My connection is back but now my Hotas stopped working completely in MSFS…

Works for me perfectly, thanks!

Double check your controller settings, just in case something there got reset. My Yoke/throttle quadrant were fine.

Yeah, it looks like the profile got canned…

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Melbourne Australia back up and running!

Hi simmers,

I had this lost connection as well. No problem for me … But one qustion, is it possible that without a connection the texture quality is really worse than with connection? I felt like flying FS 5 :stuck_out_tongue::joy:


Sure! It loads the data from the servers. Just look at the pic I posted above. At the shoreline, you see the difference between online and offline data, as it just loaded in partially.

Still no joy here for me in the UK. The game is up to date - with the 23GB update installed.

But I can’t get on the Marketplace to download the World Update, nor can I connect to the scenery streaming servers.

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I am in the UK and everything is working fine.

Chakka … :call_me_hand:

Downloaded. Went to press ‘Continue’. Nothing happens. Press ‘Continue’ multiple times. Nothing happens. I’ve got 152GB free on the SSD. Please don’t tell me it needs more space!

Anyone else still unable to connect to the scenery/marketplace servers?

Xbox network works fine from my PC, I’ve checked, and other games using the service fine. But still can’t get onto the MSFS server.

In the Server option in the top right it’s locked to “automatic” with a spinning progress icon, but it never connects.

For some bizarre reason, after pressing ‘Continue’ multiple times over the space of an hour, it finally started installing.

Closing this thread as servers are back Online!

Enjoy UK & Ireland :slight_smile: