Reporting on Airport Issues

Is EDDS still implemented now ?


No, due to the same reason as other missing bigger airports. These airports are pixeled in Bing Maps due to some military services in this place. We assume this is in clarification between Asobo and Microsoft and could be solved in the future.

Hi everyone, first of all - well-done developers, this is a masterpiece. Just a small note that a New Zealand airport NZMS is in the wrong location, it’s been assigned to a small strip in the middle of the countryside :slight_smile:

Thanks Devs!

Hello. One of the most important airport in Spain don´t appear, it is the Airport of Zaragoza City (LEZG) Why?

If I fly to the site where is the airport don´t appear anything.

Is the airport on bing maps? If on bing maps, it should be there.

Make sure you send a Zendesk request

It is censored in Bing Maps therefore does not show up in the Sim. Likely due to it’s military aspects. Seems to be common in Europe.


Go to Bing maps and you will see it’s blurred out. That happens usually per the request of the government because of military assets at the airport.

This is a quirk you will just have to live with until someone hand adds it. It’s not an oversight by Asobo.

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All those military secrets. I guess we should fly to the airport nearest a proper paella.

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Neither of those sims use Bing satellite data as the basis of their airports. This is an issue that will probably take time to fix. If MS can’t show the airports in Bing, there may be legal issues with doing it in MSFS.

Hello everyone,

Can anyone else confirm that Stuttgart EDDS (STR) is missing? It’s also blurred out of Bing Maps however, on Google Maps it’s visible.

Is there a way to report stuff like that since every airport in the world should be in the sim?

Thanks :slight_smile:



You can send a ticket through zendesk.

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Why Stuttgart airport specifically? There are many military airports in Germany? Are they all missing? Is Ramstein in?

It was in FSX and P3D, why specifically with this version. Couldn’t Asobo just put a generic grass texture, add some taxiways and the runway(s) and call it done, with no other detail?

In any event, I’m thankful for all the nicely detailed small airstrips that look much better than in FSX, so I’ll just fly out of one of them instead.

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it is still missing in the release version :frowning:

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It’s funny how all these other military areas are blurred out around the world but numerous US military locations are all well represented, even fairly secretive areas like Diego Garcia.

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Once you use the Dev mode to update the airport, can that be integrated into the public main airport database for everyone?

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Nope, not at this time. It is for your private use right now.

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My assumption is that it’s a request via the country itself. U.S. doesn’t care because of open information laws.

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MPTO (Tocumen international airport) located in Panamá its missing. It is one lf the most important airports in Central America. Hopefully it can be fixed soon. The airport is located close to MPMG airport and right beside TUM vor.


SYEC second main airport in Guyana still missing in release build

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