Reproducible: FPS drops from 50fps to 8fps in a few seconds after taking off if ARRIVAL airport is set in pre-flight screen AND fly over British Columbia Canada


  • I have read most of the threads regarding FPS issue but this one doesn’t look like any existing post.
  • This one is end-to-end reproducible from OS installation, and I’m glad to help even if a remote desktop is necessay.
  • This issue doesn’t get fixed by:
    • Applying regedit magic
    • Turning off AI features or online features completely
    • Lower any graphics settings
  • This issue doesn’t appear to be hardware performance issue due to the consistency way of reproduction.
  • A video has been attached to demostrate the issue clearly.

Are you using Developer Mode or made changes in it?

Yes and No. No matter enabled or not, the issue persists. I didn’t change anything in it (but just turn on/off the fps display)

Have you disabled/removed all your mods and addons?

No mods or addons. Default MS store installation with all updates. Happens to both standard version and Premium Deluxe version.

Brief description of the issue:

  • FPS drops dramatically from stable 50fps to 8fps after a few seconds after taking off in WORLD MAP if I set ARRIVAL in preparation screen before the flight.
  • If I start the fly without selecting ARRIVAL airport, or set the destination after flight started, there’s no fps issue.
  • No fps drop issue in FLIGHT TRAINING mode.

Provide Screenshot(s)/video(s) of the issue encountered:

  • I recorded a few minutes of video for demostration, it perfectly shows how this issue happens:

Make sure you are aware of the following key symptoms:

  • (0:00-0:20) Show configuration, version and set up the flight
  • (0:20-2:00) During taking off - all good
  • (2:04 - end) After a few seonds after taking off, FPS drops from 50 to 8 dramatically
  • (2:45 - end) Whenever the aircraft touches ground, FPS recovers from 8 to 50 immediately
  • (3:10 - end) Whenever the aircraft leaves ground, FPS drops again.

Detailed steps to reproduce the issue encountered:

(This issue is reproducible on my computer, even with fresh installation of latest Windows10 Pro or Windows11 Pro)

  • Fresh install either Windows10 pro or Windows 11 pro, update to latest version, with either latest Nvidia GameReady driver or the default one comes with OS.
  • Install MSFS from Windows Store (either standard version or premium deluex version)
  • Open the SIM
  • Click WORLD MAP. - This is important because the issue ONLY happens in world map mode.
  • Select any aircraft.
  • Select CYVR as DEPARTURE. (Other posts said the issue happen in whole British Columbia or even Canada. I need more verification. Here I use CYVR for demostration)
  • Select CZBB as ARRIVAL. - This is important because the issue doesn’t happen if I leave the ARRIVAL empty.
  • Click FLY and start the flight
  • So far so good, FPS stays around 45-50.
  • After a few seconds of taking off, FPS drops from 50 to 8 suddently
  • Then land the aircraft. The FPS recovers from 8 to 50 immediately after aircraft touch the ground
  • Take off again with full thruttle. The FPS drops from 50 to 8 immediately after aircraft leave the ground
  • Reproducible if land and take off again and again.

PC specs and/or peripheral set up if relevant:

Xeon E-2176G (3.7G base, 4.7G boost)
RTX 3090
Water cooled, no thermal issue.

Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue:

I bought the game about 7 days ago. This issue happens all the time.
Game version:

There is another post that describes the same issue(I guess?) on reddit:

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OK, after read hundreds of threads and replies, I have more findings:

I tested a few more cases tonight. And the following scenarios happened:

  • No matter what airport the aircraft is located, this issue ONLY happens when ARRIVAL airport is pre-defined in pre-flight screen.
  • When fps drops, I can fix it IMMEDIATELY right after clearing the destination in flight assistant.
  • If I set the destination again, issue never appears again in the same flight.

I tried to duplicate twice using different aircraft your issue without success. I had 32-40 FPS throughout the flights.

My only comment is that Xeon CPUs are not very suitable for gaming such as MSFS. The Xeon CPU internal architecture is different than other Intel CPUs with similar speeds and number of cores. The Xeon is not designed for intensive graphics processing such as MSFS. This would explain why your graphics performance is similar at certain locations but varies between locations.

The Xeon CPU is not on the MSFS hardware list according to the MSFS FAQ.

I get constant 50fps flying all other regions without degrading. And none of the clues indicates that CPU is the issue.

I wouldn’t blame CPU personally.

You are assuming that all other regions are identically processed to the area around British Columbia. But they are not. You’ve sampled 3 areas, two have performance issues, one does not.

I’m not sure what “clues” you are referring to for your analysis that eliminate hardware as an issue.

Comparing the benchmarks of your Xeon CPU to the MSFS FAQ minimum recommended CPUs show the Xeon CPU underperforming due to no L2 cache, a small L3 cache, and much lower single-core performance. The Xeon CPUs are good for what they are designed for. Their low power and integrated GPU make it an excellent choice for laptops.

The possible reason for your low FPS is that the Xeon cannot process frames fast enough to send to the GPU. Your GPU is significantly more powerful than your CPU meaning your CPU will always be your performance bottleneck.

You state that “Turning off AI features or online features completely” and “Lower any graphics settings” don’t make any difference. They probably don’t make any difference if you have a CPU bottleneck. If the GPU was the bottleneck, the FPS should be changing with the graphics settings.

Also you indicate, “This issue doesn’t appear to be hardware performance issue due to the consistency way of reproduction.” This does not explain why users with better CPUs cannot reproduce your performance issue.

Personally, based on your info, I don’t see anything else could be causing your performance problem.

Hey @PacificSet90456 thank you for your reply. I probably get something wrong but feel free to correct me:

  • Xeon is built for servers and workstations which delivers promised performance.
  • The E-2176G is a Coffee Lake processor which newer than Intel i7-9800X (Ideal Spec NVIDIA in the table) and has exact same architecture and ISA as newer consumer processor.
  • E-2176G has 12 MB L3 cache along with 1.50 MB L2 cache which is much better than their Recommended Spec NVIDIA
  • E-2176G runs at base 3.7G boost 4.7G, which has similar base and better boost freq comparing with the i7-9800X in Ideal Spec NVIDIA

Besides the sudden/dramatic fps dropping issue, my build runs at constant 50-55fps on ULTRA graphic settings(LOD=100), regardless of ground or sky or handcraft airports or complicated area, outperformed the majority of the reported configuration in the forum, which is expected.

That’s not what I want to emphasise tbh.

Here’re the major reasons that make me feel like it’s a software bug (Not even a bug related to optimization, but a bug about logic):

  1. The FPS drops from 50fps to 8fps dramatically, not gradually, which means there’re only 2 states of FPS, it’s either 50FPS, or 8FPS. And it’s recoverable (I’ll elaborate this later)
  2. When FPS dropped, there’re TWO ways to recover:
    • Ground the airplane - This is a temporary recovery, which means: whenever the airplane touches ground, FPS goes up to 50fps, raise the airplane to air again, fps drops immediately to 8fps, ground the plane, 50fps, raise again, 8fps, and so on…This can be identified in the 2nd half of my video.
    • Or I can unset the DESTINATION in flight assistant - This is a permanent solution for the current flight session. Once I clicked the “CANCEL DESTINATION(XXX)” in flight assistant after FPS dropped, the FPS goes back to 50FPS immediately. After this action, as long as I’m in the same flight session, FPS never drops again. Even if I use “SET AS DESTINATION” in flight assistant again, the issue won’t happen.
  3. This issue doesn’t happen at all if the DESTINATION is NOT SET in World Map in pre-flight preparation page.
  4. This issue doesn’t seem to happen in most area.
    • But for CYVR (Vancouver) or BritishColumbia cities, the chance is 100%
    • I can’t test every airports so all I can say is, in some area, the issue MAY happen, while in some area, the issue seems not happen.
  5. The flying area seems trivial probably. The key is whether I set *DESTINATION* IN *PRE-FLIGHT PAGE*.

The Flow Diagram:

I appreciate your thoroughness in your analysis of your issue and your flowchart describing the issue. I agree that the Xeon is built (i.e. optimized) for servers and workstations. But not for intensive graphics processing. BTW the specs of the Intel i7-9800Xe are not the same as the Xeon E-2176G. Close but not the same.

Your flowchart and analysis need to be updated to include a branch where there is no performance degradation while flying over the same areas.

Your performance degradation may be a software bug. I suspect that the Xeon CPU is not processing the graphical instructions from MSFS, not processing them correctly, or taking too much time processing them. Or Windows is not compiling the MSFS code correctly. The next step would probably be more intensive performance analysis.

Since you can recreate your issue, open a bug report. However, if non-Xeon users cannot recreate your issue, this probably would indicate a CPU software problem.

Hey I just got the feedback from zendesk:

We just want to confirm that this issue has been tracked in our internal bug tracker. Since this issue will need to be addressed in a patch, we are going to close this report.

I asked them to provide a few public links on similar issue in the forums, so I can cross check if there’s any better workaround from community.

Team is unable to reproduce this issue.