Reprojection or not in OpenXR?

I wonder about settings in OpenXR with Reverb G2 because i dont get it.
I have watched several Youtube clips and read a lot of comments that after SU5 the experience in MSFS with G2 is completely stutterfree with repro off.

My experience with 80Oxr, 80Taa and high graphic settings is that with repro off even if i get 45fps there is microstutters all the time.
With repro on i get 22fps and sometimes 30fps and smooth most of the time but big hickups sometimes.
The reason i want repro off is that the image seems a lot clearer and the Gpu and Cpu load are much more stable.
Is there anyone that can give me some guidance to get it smooth with repro off?

My specs are:
I9 11900K
RTX 3080
32GB 3600Mhz Ram
HP Reverb G2


In my experience, it all comes down to how you handle the microstutters you describe with repro off. Personally, I can’t, hence I focused on running the sim as best I can with it on.

I think it’s always a trade off. Some people will prefer crisp graphic at the expense on some smoothness and vice versa. They will very often tell you it’s “butter smooth”, but I have yet to see this with repro OFF. I might be built differently…

I9 10900KF, 3090

Thanks for answer!
Yes, i have very hard to believe that their experience is totally stutterfree with repro off.
For example it is very stuttery if i look out the side window in the plane even with 50fps.
I guess i have to use repro on even if i have much better performance after SU5.

To be clear, I have a Ryzen 3600x CPU and 6900 xt GPU so I see you guys are mostly intel/nvidia users so ymmv. I also will be talking about using openxr via wmr. This doesn’t apply to using openxr via steamvr because with steamvr I always used motion reprojection. I didn’t have the artifacting via steam but did when using wmr’s openxr.

I vote no for reprojection. The artifacts are terrible. Before su5, I lived with the microstutters. I only saw them when I looked directly at the ground from a low altitude. In contrast, the artifacting with reprojection was constant. It was everywhere. Not just in the propellers but also on the cockpit dash, outside the window etc.

With su5 and my settings the same as before the update, my first impression was “wow”. The microstutters were gone. I’ve since upped my settings and the microstutters are still gone. I’m running at a lower frame rate than before but still no microstutters. If I up my settings too much they come back though.

My suggestion, turn off reprojection and turn all your settings down. Make them extremely low or off (especially the texture supersampling, shadows, reflection, bloom etc.). I know you won’t like the settings but it’s just to prove that the game can run without microstutters with reprojection off. Then if it works you can slowly re-enble the settings until it comes back.

For me I’m running at 100% openxr, 90% render scaling, no settings disabled and most of them at high. Clouds at ultra. And I’m artifact free without motion reprojection. I double-checked after su5 and the artifacts are still present with reprojection on.

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I’m always looking forward to be proved wrong:) so I’ll try it!



I would always take what you see/hear on YT with a pinch of salt… find what works for you and enjoy. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes you are probably right.
But i still wonder why 45fps in VR seems so stuttery.
If i play on my monitor 45fps is completely smooth.
But i should fly more and try to stop fiddle with settings the whole time.

do you have a freesync or gsync monitor? they adapt the frame rate to the game, so no stuttering. in VR it has to fit 1: 1 with frames and display frequency. if you can manage 60fps, set your glasses to 60hz and everything will be fine. if you come under 60fps at times, it stutters immediately until you have 60fps again. a frame rate of 90 on the display and 45 in the sim with motion vector is also fluid. Unfortunately, even in openXR I have 55fps and Motion Vector drops the FPS to 30 and 20 instead of 45 or 30. I don’t know why

Yes i have a 1440p G-sync monitor and on that i get 60fps with Ultra settings.
But i can never go back to monitor in flight or racing-sims after i have tried VR.
I just want stutterfree and clear VR picture in MSFS.

that’s the point. gsync adjusts the monitor frequency to the frequency of the flight sim. there you have no stuttering. In VR you have to have at least 60 frames in the sim at 60hz on the glasses, everything below jerks. the glasses cannot gsync, for whatever reason, adaptive VSync is an open standard via display port. Motion Vector calculates 45fps and doubles that to the 90 frames of the glasses. therefore it would theoretically be as soft as butter. It works great in DCS World, but not at all in MFS. just test if there is a solution

I’ll pipe in with my 3080 GPU and 2k G-sync monitor and say why use GPU muscle running the monitor if you use only VR? I turn G-sync off in the Nvidia Control Panel and Vsync off in the sim. Additionally, I set the PC monitor to a low res in the game to a level just high enough to get to VR. Running smooth OXR 100 TAA 100 with medium setting and mid 40’s FPS. SU5 did well with me.

I can see the difference between Motion Repro On and off clearly on two occasions:

  1. when giving full aileron and looking at the horizon. Far away from the turning point you can see the horizon going up or down in big steps if motion Repro is off and it is without any steps (for me) when motion Repro is on.
  2. looking out of the window left or right when you fly around buildings in close proximity. Same effect, no steps for me to see when repro is on.

Downside of Repro: sometimes warping effects (especially when moving fast with external cam around the plane). And warping of Propeller.

I also get only to the 22.5 fps with repro, without repro i got around 30-40. So i also think that repro costs itself a good amount of processing power- but it is worth it when it works!

5800x, 3070ti, Reverb G2 (90Hz), OXR 100, Repro On, Sim 75%

Yes, i have come to the same conclusion.
After little more testing it is much more smooth with repro on.
I just thought it seems strange that many says 30fps with repro off is smooth.
For me repro off stutters with 45fps if i look out of the window for example.

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Same observations here.

Especially when flying low over exciting terrain, I want to have smooth visuals when looking out of the side windows. Heck, even during take-off and landing I want to have a clear and smooth view of the airport buildings etc. When I look out front, visuals usually appear way smoother than when looking sidesways / downwards. Without motion repro, I would have to tune my settings way down to even get close to smooth. However, I’m getting the same downsides others do, that is, warping, some macro stutters and artifacting at the periphery of my FOV (black rectangles) when quickly moving my head. It is still interesting and certainly annoying that although I’m usually hitting 30…35 FPS without motion repro, the latter will almost always tune down to 22.5 FPS. Because the higher the repro FPS, the less pronounced artifacts will appear (at least as far as the black rectangles goes).

RTX 3090
HP G2 with WMR+OXR

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Yes, i have exactly the same experience regarding repro on vs repro off.

In San Francisco discovery flight (about 30 min.), i had not one macro stutter, no micro stutters and no black rectangles at the periphery (but i did not try to see them, just enjoyed the flight). And the PG Buildings were perfect!! I hope this continues today and was not a single exception.

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Reprojection costs resources, so you need 22.5 + a few extra FPS without it, to be able to maintain 22.5 (x4 reprojection) and it will stick to that up to where your system can get to 30+. If you can get 30+ (maybe around 35 without reprojection?) it will maintain 30FPS (x3 reprojection) and it will stick tere up to 45+ FPS when t can jump to x2 reprojection. So it will stick to those tiers: 22.5 and 30 (if you can make it) and I haven’t seen 45 yet. This is how it works. It locks your FPS to what it can manage.

Reprojection was running very well for me prior to the update with minimal stutters except when flying in large cities or at night.

Since Su5, though I’ve gained extra fps, I now experience more stutters in VR with OpenXR reprojection on, and there’s almost a pattern to it.

The stutters are occurring at regular intervals, as if the sim periodically spits out a frame that’s out of time with the others, which appears to cause the reprojection to stutter in an over exaggerated manner. It’s an elastic-band effect where the sim pauses briefly, stores all the un played frames, then spits them out at high speed to catch back up. All the frames seem to be getting generated, just out of time.

The mis-timed frame is visible with repro off as well, but it’s so brief it doesn’t affect my flying much. With it off it’s achieving around 40-45fps, but I’d rather the repro 90 for perfectly smooth view out the sides.

Since Su5, rapid head movements now make the sim stutter and it continues for up to a second after it stops moving. This wasn’t present prior to the update with my setup.

In short, using VR (reverb g2 with openxr WMR) after the su5 update;

I’ve gained about 10fps with openxr repro off.

Gained more stutters with openxr repro on.


How do you switch off reprojection in oculus? is it possible?

From memory, it’s either shift or control key, plus numeric keypad 1, 2, 3 and 4. One of them is “off” but it apparently still uses some basic form of repro in “off state”. Maybe someone else can explain better.

There’s a few different modes of repro with oculus, but I can’t remember which key did which. I think you can press the keys any time as long as oculus app is running (or at least how it used to work)

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