Reprojection or not in OpenXR?

You can turn repro on and off in Oculus Tray Tool or Oculus Debug Tool.
I had Rift S earlier and if i remember right i used Tray Tool.

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Thanks, I have both but which option is reprojection and where?

I think it is called asynchronous warp or something similar.

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Ah, so is the ASW reprojection, searching I was reading sometimes the word reprojection after the Asynchronous Spacewarp and maybe understanding that but it was not clear and I did not find a response, thanks.

For me by the moment and Quest 2 is better to switch it on and the ASW reprojection 30Hz in the Oculus Tray Tool and 70Hz in Oculus app, I have stutters too but less I think and smoother.

There was also ATW (asynchronous time warp) which was an older version, as well as ASW (asynchronous spacewarp). I think one of those keyboard shortcuts will enable it.

ASW is supposed to be the more advanced of the two but will cause some heat haze wobble under some scenarios. This is the equivalent to OpenXR’s “reprojection” mode, and steams “reprojection” but apparently steam’s is less advanced and also needs more FPS for it to work.

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Same here.

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