Request more control

It will be great if there was controls such as “increase speed bug” and decrease. Same for Altitude, VS, etc…
I saw this is only possible for the heading bug.

With these, we could assign keys and rotarys encoders to change heading, speed, vs… when aircraft is in selected mode. Much more easy, without going to zoom in virtual cockpit, which is not really easy when you have a head tracking device.

You can already set up controls for most, if not all, autopilot parameters. Have you checked that the controls display is set to ALL instead of ASSIGNED (bottom left)? Then you should be able to see them.

Great ! Yes I had the all part of control, not just assigned controls. I’ve tested it, speed, VS and altitude are in PA section, and Heading in Flights instruments.


EDIT : I’ve found most of the commands. Is there any way to have a assignment on A320 :

  • Toggle mode selected - managed in A320 for Speed, HDG, Atlitude, VS
  • PA2 button
  • ILS button
  • Zoom mode and display mode in Navigation Display

I also have a weird thing with VS knob. If I assign increase and reduce VS ref PA, I can use buttons to command the knob without going into the virtual cockpit. But only when the display show a value, if it’s on zero, commands won’t work.

For example, the display is managed, show “----”, I clic in virtual cockpit to change to selected (I don’t found a key for that), and it shows “0000”, if I use my assigned buttons, nothing happens. But if I scroll on the knob to display “+100”, the assigned keys works, until I reduce and I goes to “0000”, then “----”