[REQUEST] Slow Slew Modes

Could we have a Slew Translate Left, Right, Forward, and Backward SLOW version, similar to the Up and Down slow options. Most of the times when I have to slew, lets say around an airport, or from one spot to another for whatever reason, its next to impossible with the normal slew options, but if there was a binding for a slow speed slew and then a faster one (like it is currently implemented for up and down) it’d be amazing. Thanks!


Up/Down Slow options currently implemented

The only option for slew translate left/right

Left and Right translate are way too fast, in particular.

One thing that helped me was to assign them to my joystick axis. Can slew left and right in 6 inch increments if need be. Might be worth trying for some.

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Yeah that helps, thanks!

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I remember from previous flight sims, you could bind the slew movement axises to a joystick axis, giving you more control of the slew speed. Perhaps that can be implemented again?