Request to FlyBiWire developer team

can you add this camera view on lower ECAM?


Totaly agree! I part of me want this, but the other part sayd me that the a320 neo haven’t got any tail camera in real life. Ok.


I want that too… But hey, at least you can spy on that cute stewardess in the galley by pressing the video button on the pedestal.

I’m not a programmer but I will take a guess and say that this should be easy. They need to somehow enable third person view, keep capturing it live, embed it onto a display object and place it there. The trickiest part would be to manage the frame rate performance.

Think of it as an airline specific retrofit. You know how some airlines retrofit HUD onto the airbus cockpits. Oh hold on… Now I want HUD on the A320 as well.

You should go to github-issues to file a request for that.

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