Reset settings improve graphics?!

I’ve posted this in the Facebook group as well and wanted to share here:
I was having the well known issue with the avionics turning off on the king air. I followed this link to fix it: (edit wont let me add a link so here is part of the url): black-avionics-screens-after-update/273751/419

When I reset my graphics settings to default, restarted the game and put them back where I had them I immediately noticed a drastic improvement in 2D. Switched to VR and those drastic improvements were still there. Avionics problem was solved too.

Maybe my mind is playing tricks on me, but the graphics had noticeably improved, I even bumped some settings up. Didn’t bother to check FPS as the test flights seemed even smoother than before I did the reset.

I run my graphics settings on default but bump the clouds up a bit and save that setting but I do notice from time to time that my graphics settings revert to a lower setting and that I have to go into them and reset them to default. The default setting for my i5 10600K CPU and GTX 1060 6bg card is high-end.

I reset my graphics to default and now my sim won’t start. Goes all the way on the load screen the little bar and it just hangs there. Any ideas? Thanks

Be careful if you use NVidia GeForce Experience. Verify if it don’t “optimize” automatically all games it found, you have to uncheck a box.

Also, from time to time settings have a tendency to change by them-self, mainly after sim update, but it happen also to me without any update. It’s rare, but happen, let’s say 2 times per months.

And also #2, if you use VR headset, 2D settings have a tendency to be “corrupted” by VR settings. It happen to me really often, and it’s even reproducible on some scenarios.

I suggest to find where is your usercfg.opt file, this one keep all your 2D and VR settings. backup and Delete it and it will be recreated next time you launch the sim.

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