Reshade / Microsoft Store MSFS 2020

I thought there is no. exe file for the MSFS 2020 Store version
But after I watched this video, it seems to be
By the way, this video helps with the performance, after the latest update

So, ReShade would work or not, with the Store version?
Thank you


When I try to install ReShade, I click on the .exe file ( store version ) and I get this message

No chance to get permission for the .exe file ?


flightsimulator.exe is hidden by the program.

It should be.

Would you give thousands of users the ability to modify your “.exe”?

No. Unless you are stupid.

I don’t understand what you mean

Case in point.

You don’t understand what I mean?

How can I respond? Help me. I really don’t.

Case in Point means? Sorry, I don’t know what you are saying.

So, it’s not possible ???
Why would I give thousands of users the ability to modify my " .exe " ??
It’s possible to use ReShade, with other non Microsoft Store games.
Yes, with the ability to mofiy the . exe file
Have a great weekend

I don’t know how you inbed this reply?

WOW. I’m replying to myself with the others reply.

Case in Point.

Thanks for posting that video. While it didn’t really get me back to a performance level pre-SU3, it did at least bring my frame rates back up into playable territory.

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And you were afraid I was drinking too much beer!

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??? What? …

Why do you need ReShade for? Is not XP that’s washed out and needs a lot of make up lol. Also, I would strongly advice not to mess around with MSFS at this state, it is really prune to issues and unstable with the latest performance fiasco

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Okay, I’ll leave it as it is, thank you
There’s one single reason I wanted to go with ReShade ;
everytime when I launch the game, Nvidia FreeStyle is off, I have to enable it

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I have used reshade for MSFS2020 since release and the difference it makes for me with fine tuned shader settings is monumental. Reshade is a phenomenal tool and is far better that the standard post processing effects included with the simulator. Obviously it’s also a matter of preference.

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Here is a video that explains how to get permission to file folders in Windows 10, and you’re not breaking the law by doing this :wink:

This is standard Windows functionality. Microsoft just locks down certain folders to keep wandering fingers from breaking things. Go slow, be careful and don’t delete anything, and you’ll be fine. You are just changing some Windows compatibility settings as explained in the video in the OP.

How to get file access permissions in Windows 10

Start watching at 7:19

I watched the video thank you, but when I want to open the. exe file, with ReShade, still the same message
Guess, it’s not possible
Thank you

I use the Nvidia freestyle shaders, they work very well.
The only time I have to reapply them is if I install a new Nvidia driver version or there is an update to the flight sim.
Not sure why you would have to apply them everytime?

I don’t know but it’s off, everytime when I launch the simulator