Resolution Distance

Here’s a picture I took from roughly the equivalent position from the airfield as you did. It has the same settings as the picture I posted of the Frankfurt airfield. I am perhaps a little farther out to sea than where you took the picture as I am using an External Quickview Camera rather than a drone camera or anything positioned near the plane. Perhaps a lot of the difference is just the 1.78x more pixels in a 2560x1440 view so if your computer could support it, maybe running at a higher resolution would give you the easiest best results?

Click to see full size screen capture.

Here’s just the runway and foreground houses in lossless .PNG format
20200901 Just Runway, Foreground Houses

Here’s the GPS position and altitude that the plane was at:

I discovered that the .FLT file is just a text file and can be edited, resaved, and reused. I initially flew to this position at 7:21 am but since your picture was taken around noon, I just edited the time to 12:01 pm local time, reloaded the edited copy of the .FLT file and BINGO! I imagine the same could be done for GPS position and altitude. If you’d like the text of the .FLT file that contains that information to put your plane in a similar position at will let me know.

I described in the following post something that’s probably already pretty well known by folks who aren’t newbies like me: how to save your mid-air position in a flight (useful for documenting where a picture was taken) and find the exact position, altitude, and time of day when you reload the resulting .FLT file.