Return destock landing to airport

Hello I have a big problem. Every time I come to land a plane. The games crash and I have a return to the destock. I already reinstall the games 7 or 8 times

What is your PC specs, MSFS settings, and frames in that area before the CTD.

A friend of mone had this happen and just happens to be computer and therefore PC game illiterate.
His issue was trying to crank up settings beyond what his low-end “gaming” laptop can handle…
long story short - his frames dipped down into single digits during approach and eventually caused a CTD.

I have 1 gpu gigabyte rtx2070 super
1 cpu I7 8700
32 go ddr4 3200mhz
Install hdd

Crash always landing

But I not have install languistique English language in windows

And I plays Hight in 2k 1440p