Return of the Beaver


Yes, tips tanks are yet included in the 3D model.
Sorry for my screen, I export too quickly my exterior model and selected the two air input (upper and lower) only one should be selected for each model.
Thanks to follow this post !

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I hope everyone had a merry Christmas and that everything went well.
For Christmas, I had the pleasure to deliver a WIP 0.1.0 pre-release for the Pilote-Virtuel’s users (a french forum that I moderate) but it’s only a pre-release with only one model or rather 4 external models and very few animations.

Finally, under the pressure of some Pilote-Virtuel’s simmers, I added :
a) the model with the lower air intake and the round window at the back

  • the model with the intake above the hood and :
    b) a rectangular window
    c) a second one with 2 rectangular windows
    d) a last model with two cargo doors opening on the left side of the fuselage.

For the external accessories, there are :
1 - the possibility of having normal tires
2 - tundra tires,
3 - skis,
4 - floats (but without retractable landing gear)

For the model with skis, I plan to make a model in accordance with the Beaver from the movie “Never Cry Wolf” which is piloted by Brian Dennehy, a movie I particularly liked.


This looks awesome.


This week, a little 3D painting session with Armor Paint, January 2023 version. It had been a while since I had practiced and I had lost my touch. After a few days of watching Alexander Kiryanov’s (the author) tutorials, I found my old habits.

I used the Rosie model (C-GAEE) from Never Cry Wolf as a guinea pig, with its decrepit Orange paint showing the aluminum of the structure and the different elements of various colors.

Here are the pictures (screen on the Saint-Laurent - Québec) :

Everything is not perfect yet;

  • the orange color is too much like a rust color…
  • the window on the right seems to have a problem of smoothing
  • the propeller which was supposed to be black, has become shiny aluminum
  • the gear legs will be yellow or orange … we’ll see
  • the Indian/inuit canoe is ready and I could have textured it but I was a bit late, that will be for the next time.

good looking Rosie :wink:

Can you guess where theses images were taken?

This last image should allow you to find

Well, today I will begin to modelize the VC … bye, so long !


Interesting method of mounting the Canoe, looks awfully dangerous in terms of damaging it on a hard landing…

well - to be fair to the author of the book and the pilot who flew it this way - it was only HALF a canoe and its anyone’s guess as to whether it was the front half or the back half lol. One of the funniest things that happened in that story regarding Canadian governmental bureaucracy.
FYI two other terrific books by Farley Mowat are - ‘The Dog who Wouldn’t be’ and the best ‘Grey Seas Under’ which is a must read and should have made for an outstanding film long ago - and still could.

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Guess we know how it became half a canoe! :rofl:

no - surpisingly, as it was written in the book according to Mr Mowat, it was issued as a ‘half canoe’ and itemized on the provisions list that way, along with some other curious items…The pilot simply used it to contain the bulk of the supplies that wouldn’t fit in the cabin slung under the fuselage. Farley gave him the case of whiskey that was buried in there somewhere for the successful landing on a frozen lake.

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Ahh, well, doesn’t necessarily negate my comment :wink:
It’s possible it “became” half a canoe and he didn’t write about that :sweat_smile:

Or, realizing a full canoe wouldn’t fit, and perhaps they had a broken canoe he thought “Hey, I know how I can use what’s left” :smiley:

Either way, I’m going to assume therefore that it was the “front” half of the canoe so it’s near the CG, and it doesn’t get crushed on a hard landing which compresses the rear wheel strut…

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Any news? any progress ?


Just a break at the beginning of the year to recover some motivation but with the episode, I had a hard time to resume.
To take my mind off my old project, my Sepecat Jaguar, which I had roughly modeled. I was contacted by two Jaguar pilots and a former mechanic and we exchanged a lot of infos, pictures and informations for this project.

As for the Beaver, I started to review the VC and it’s going pretty well. No screenshots for the moment but it won’t take long :sunglasses:


What happens?

No particular concern, except that I am a moderator of a big French forum (, a long time friend of Henrik Nielsen (GAIST) and that I tried to explain to a lot of people the point of view of the developers regarding the policy of (a lot of people are only consumers and don’t understand really why we make freeware).
It took a little time to present the problem and explain our positions about this ToS.

And on top of that, this weekend while trying to test the SU12 Beta version, I crashed my MSFS (CTD during the first stage of loading) then my Windows 10 has failed (an error of mine) and it took me a few hours to recover everything, fortunately I create disk images of my system and I know very well the PC world (I work 38 years as a Windows/Linux admin :ok_hand:).

I just finished my tests: everything is ok again and I haven’t lost any of my files :sunglasses:



As I’m spending a few days in Quebec City (where my daugther live) and while watching cable I discovered the TV series “Artic Air” which reminds me of the famous “ICE PIlots”.
By watching some episodes, I could see that the Turbo Beaver is quite appreciated in Canada.

The idea of transforming my current Beaver into a Turbo Beaver is starting to cross my mind. Of course the flight model will have to be modified but as I still haven’t started the VC, it’s an option I’m seriously considering.
This does not prevent me from delivering the “normal” version of the Beaver, especially since I started to adapt my Damage Mod :sunglasses:

  • modification of MSFS UI to call some HTML/JS pages
  • adding some XML scripts to manage wear of the engine/structure

That would be awesome! You still see all kinds of Beavers and Otters, radial and turbo, flying around Seattle/Victoria/Vancouver. Awesome workhorse planes, and I’d love to see both your radial and the turbo!

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Being on vacation at my daughter’s in Quebec for a few days, but still having my HP laptop at hand, here is a quick screenshot after a Blender session

This is just a rough draft, which uses a lot of parts from the other Beaver. I focused on the front hood but I wouldn’t go into the turbo modeling, the interest being almost null.


Not just in Canada.

I did a lot of jumps out of a Turbo Beaver in OZ, it was such a beast (what’s that in the background;-).
Quite a rare plane though, didn’t see them often down under. Owner/Op Pilot was a real character, that’s him in the back in the sunglasses.

Would be great to see a Turbo Beaver in MSFS, bonus points if you could add some skydiving functions like BB did for the Porter. Give me a shout if you need help on the systems/Fm side, I’d be interested in helping (still climbing the learning curve on those, but it seems to be never ending anyway😂)


Best aerial taxi ever!

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One of my favorite liveries…


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