Return of the roll oscillation in the Longitude?

I was in what should have been straight and level flight, on autopilot, following a GPS course from KSNA to KMRY, at 32,000 feet, and in a repeat of past behavior while configured like this, noticed the Longitude slowly rolling left and right. No porpoising, just a roll. Anyone else notice the return of this annoying problem since the latest patch?

Yes, this happened to me too. I just reported this to Zendesk, as others stated the same in other treads.
Let‘s hope, a quick fix will be found.

Happened to me too.

A hot fix will be nice after Christmas

same for me

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no quick fix :frowning:

Just use this mod and itll work fine

I took off the life time, and the rolling is gone.
Please try as well, maybe this is a short term solution, till the next update will solve it.

What do you mean by

I don‘t understand

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Sorry, this was bad explained by me.
When you create a flight, you have the option to change the time and the weather.
I had only problems, when I kept the weather and time on „life“.
As soon as I took that „life“ off, the rolling was gone. I did two flights without any issues so far today.

Oh! You fly without live weather… I’ll give that a try thanks.

Good luck!

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