RETURN SIM TO SU4 ( SU5 is a complete mess )

Theoretically, the updates were supposed to improve the experience, but we have to admit that if the graphic engine has become more beautiful, we could not enjoy it for a long time, many collateral bugs appeared and others came out of the ground, this is absolutely not normal, there is obviously at least one problem in the development cycle of this FS2020, and it is a big one, how many simmers can’t even access to the home screen today ? Can you remind us of the cost of this simulation? And the resulting product? I find it hard to believe that I have paid more than 100€ to be able to watch CTDs on my screen day after day …


I would love to go back to SU4… or just any build that was made for the PC version.

Its painful obvious how they tried to merge Xbox and PC into one version and it just doesn’t work. I welcome the Xbox crowd, but from a technical standpoint merging the versions like this wasnt a good idea.

Also its extremely fishy to still to this day have incomplete patch notes, so much more has changed that they havent even announced or put into the patch notes…


Looks horrible, doesn’t follow flight plan, ATC talking rubbish, Cessna G1000 goes vertical. Uninstalled. Let me know when it’s finished. Love MSFS, wish it worked.


SU5 has its downsides, yes, but I want to point out this part right here:

This actually proves that the sim has been optimized. If you have an underutilized GPU it means that the CPU is a bottleneck (as it was the case before SU5) and with modern-day multicore CPUs that shouldn’t have been the case.

If you have issues with 100% GPU utilization and high temps, I suggest looking at your case ventilation, GPU fan curves, overclock settings, etc. because almost ALL modern games should always max out your GPU.

Your other alternative is capping the FPS at 30 or lower.


how in the world do you update a game to look worse then before???


I literally have none of these problems. The sim seems better for me. Better framerate and better use of PC resources. I’ve only been flying the CJ4 and all seems fine. i710700k/2080ti.


For sure there are issues with SU5 but why are many people pointing out their GPU running at 100% when playing a demanding game? It’s supposed to run at 100% load, if it isn’t then you’re not getting the full performance. 80°C isn’t dangerously hot for most GPUs either but if you want it to run cooler you’ll need to address cooling in the system as a whole. I can understand not wanting the CPU to be at 100% because that will cause issues but the GPU must be running like that.


Same, the sim is dramatically better for me in performance. I’ve noticed the world feels a bit more washed out, otherwise I have no complaints. Returning to SU4 would be a major step backwards.

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Check your settings mate. Mine reverted back to Medium after the update.

I’ve got everything on Ultra or High, it seems to be something with the overall world/sky colors. It’s not too bad but something definitely seems to have changed with lighting.


People who took screenshots the day after SU5 have proven that color grading but especially brightness has been altered. I don’t mind the change and in general it looks about the same.

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Yeah SU5 is an unmitigated dumpster fire.

At least give us the option of declining to update or revert back to SU4. Having a such a broken and buggy update shoved down our throats like this really sucks.


This is total rubbish. I’ve had my issues with MSFS before, and the QA, but SU5 is anything but a mess.

  1. Remove all mods
  2. Reset your graphics settings to default high (or medium) and start from there.

Releases can certainly be complete ■■■■ (I’m still smarting over FDev and Elite Dangerous Odyssey) but when you have a game that’s moddable you need to reset it with a major update and work from there.
While MSFS certainly has issues, many people are blaming the game when the issues are out of date mods and/or incompatible graphics settings for their hardware. If you get screen tearing, then absolutely use VSync at 30fps to lock it down.

The overamped whining is a bit much.

Also, if you want to punch up the graphics use reshade. I do, and it works fine to sharpen the image and make the colors pop a little more.


This ^^^^

And remember that marketplace add-ons are also 3rd party add-ons and may need to be removed too.

The nonsense and threads like this have got to stop. SU5 is a massive improvement for many many people.


While my experience with SU5 is mostly positive and I LOVE the performance improvements, I disagree with you. Threads like this should NOT stop. The fact that a lot of people have seen improvements doesn’t negate the myriad of issues others are having. Asobo didn’t release a hotfix for the CTDs today for no reason, right?

I have surely had FS2020 updates that completely borked the sim for me (giant buildings and spikes, stutter hell after ~SU2 or the lovely VFR map crash bug) so I completely understand those who are now feeling similar pain. If you don’t like threads of paying customers complaining about not being able to delay or roll back updates, the sorry state of the sim for them, etc. then simply let them be.

My only real gripe with SU5 right now is that new “lock” mode when interacting with instruments.


One small step forward for Xbox users. I’ve giant leap back for the loyal pc community, for 11 months and counting.


I am just using one plane (DA40) so not having no real issues after SU5 and HF1. However, the overall ground does look a little different since day 1. I did fly the Diamond Twin and it preformed well. The flight planning for the most part is working. I use P3D 5.2 HF1 with orbx True Earth and that looks better, ignoring the ground 3D stuff. Doing a short low flight in this sim is amazing for that.

Those using MSFS with all the glory that the sim has with things not working I see why they are upset. It will get better over time.

I was happy before the update. Never had a CTD before this, even happened after today’s patch. Only had this sim for a month and a half but switching to XPlane.

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Since the design of the sim doesn’t allow this, it’s really more of a Wishlist item. To that, I point everyone to these two threads in WL:


I’m closing out this thread because it’s better for you to participate (and potentially vote as you see fit) for those topics. We don’t want to split the votes any more as they lose momentum that way.