My Flight Simulator is configured wit: 1. Logitech X56, 2. MSFS; 3 Milviz FG_1D Corsair.
Before the present revision These 3 devices were very happy together. Now? I cannot (re)program my X56, I cannot validate the Commands I have chosen. The commands do not move any instruments (flaps,elevators ect.) on the screen, but they do move the instruments in reality. The X56 as programmed will work with other aircraft, but I cannot change it. I used to (before Update 5) be able to change the commands & validate them,not now. I should now be flying my Corsair “under” Legacy, actually it will fly just as good in Modern. Mouse is set to “default”; X56 throttle is a program I made for tail dragger prop aircraft (WWII fighters), as is the stick. Anyone got an idea how to fix this? TIA

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