Reverb 2

is there a difference between Reverb 2 and the Professional Edition ? Everything I found appears they are the same…but I want to make sure. Thanks

The original Reverb (now called the G1), was sold as ‘Professional Edition’, so check carefully if you are looking for a G2.

Very very helpful. I just canceled my order for the Professional model as I assumed it was a step up. I guess I am assuming also that G2 is superior to that.

The G2 is mostly superior. But I found out that the sweet spot is smaller in the G2. The face gasket is not a great fit for my head. I ll have to modify the face gasket to bring my eyes closer to the lens. It greatly increases the FOV for me and the sweet spot as well.

Panels are better and the mura effect is gone.

Oh, and the tracking is superior too.

They definitely made a great headset.

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I imagine that the G2’s time will come. At present the WMR software is not as good as the Oculus by a huge margin. VR in ultra settings at high res is actually possible in the Oculus due to reprojection capping via the remarkable Oculus Tray Tool. Not so with the Reverb. I have both, and the Reverb WILL be the winner in time, but only when they sort out the WMR drivers. Hopefully that happens soon!

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