Reverb G2 Flickering

Lately I started to notice some micro flickering in my reverb G2, specially on the edges. This is also visible on other apps like the WMR home. If I change it to 60hz is flickers like crazy, unsusable.

I know that WMR has been updated several times but its strange that started happening lately. Also cant understand why 60hz is unusable, before it was just a change and it worked.

anybody else experienced this?


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Google for “reverb g2 flickering on edge”, and you should find a related Reddit thread.

My theory is that it’s related to high temperature.

It happened to me for a few days during hot weather, and then hasn’t repeated since. I have a theory that keeping the headset power adapter unplugged while not in use may help.

I think some people have that problem more than others, and may have gotten replacement hardware which helped.

I think you’re both right. Could be that WMR is on the fritz after one of those updates leading to thermal peaks into the red zone causing black screens and/or flickering?

It could be that your G2 display cable is starting to fail. Just google it. It’s very common. Mine started with a flicker in the right eye and now it doesn’t work at all. Apparently it’s extremely common and one of the biggest flaws that HP have yet to address. My replacement cable is out of stock and I’m going to be waiting a month before a replacement can be shipped out. My VR flying wings have been cut for the time being

Thanks, it seems that is overheating the problem. Now I store my G2 unplugged from main current and stored in a dark draw (as my previous one had a melted display cause it had direct contact with the sun … :frowning: )

Have the same issue. Wasn’t overheating at all… I even put it in front of the AC, the day after still the same problem. Strange this is, it happens when the Windows VR home launches.

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