Reverb G2 produces dim image


Dimming happens here too. Changing supersample one notch restores the image.

Hi, Can you tell me how exactly to change supersample? I really have no idea because I own this G2 for 5 days but only could use it to fly for less than an hour on first day, then unable to use G2 to fly. Thanks!

Hi, In FS settings they called it ‘renderscale’, my bad. Move it up, or down, a notch. Go back to the sim and it should be OK.

Thanks. I will try the setting on Friday.

if dev mode is on and fps overlay is enabled, brightness goes down

I encountered something like this. Are you using multiple monitors? I finally realized this happens when I had the VFR map or ATC window open in a different monitor. When I am not in VR, it’s really handy but with VR the second monitor is useless. Make sure you close the extra MSFS windows before starting VR - that worked for me.

FYI - I have not encountered the dim issue upon starting VR, but if I do, it’s nice to know ESC ESC will clear it up.

I get dimming in the G2 also. And before your ingenious tip, I’d have to exit the simulator, and reboot my computer. Your double escape works great!!! Thanks


Yes. Thank you for posting this. Same exact issue and remedy you do, I did. But one of your responders suggested a double ESC and that worked for me.

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