Reverb G2 sound, image and CTD problemas

I bought recently the Reverb G2, but I’m having issues since the beginning that can be described as the following after 1 to 3 min of the fly: 1- the sound is cut, but the sim is still working; 2- after a few seconds the screen in Reverb G2 become black and the sim paused (looking to a monitor I see a frozen image of the stereo screen); 3- A few seconds later the sound comes back (just the sound of engine), but the sim still frozen; 4- everything come back to normal. This sequence happens with more frequency and with larger duration as the flight goes by, at a point they start to merge together until it is impossible to fly or the CTD happens. It’s rare that I can make a flight that last more than 10 min. After the last update things became worst, and several time is enough just to change to the VR mode to CTD, and sometimes the sound and image problems I described start when still in the menus before the flight.

I have tried several tips that I have found, as: remove every add on in the community folder, update the G2 firmware, update the nvidia drivers, with just WMR open, and with Steam VR open, with different setting in both, etc…

I do not known if I would encounter the same problem in another games, because I only have MSFS installed (Steam version).

My PC main specs are: CPU Ryzen 5950X; Motherboard MSI X570 Unify; RAM 32GB DDR4 3600MHz; GPU Asus TUF RTX3090.

I read that several users are having issues using Reverb G2 with MSFS, and mostly involving AMD based PC like my own. Though, the descrition of their issues didn’t seem to be quite the same as mine, that’s why the new thread.

Any one can help?

What you describe is very similar to my CTDs. I’m on a Lenovo Explorer with WMR.
The only difference is that my sound does not cut at first as I get the frozen image first, then the black screen without sound, sound comes back, frozen image comes back and usually follows the CTD.

It is likely that you’re suffering from the CTD syndrome many of us are experiencing. Not much you can do about it until Asobo / Microsoft harden the code.

BTW, you can look into your Event Viewer / Windows Log / Application section. Look for the red exclamation mark entries with an Application Error caption. There you should have details about the crash and it will probably detail a 0xc0000005 error with VCRUNTIME as the culprit in many occasions.

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