Reverting back to the old Xbox controller controls

Every since I got MFS2020 on pc I’ve been using an Xbox one controller to play the game. The controls were just fine to play with until SU5 came out. After SU5 came out and the game was released on Xbox they changed the controls. The new controls are horrible to play with. I was wondering if anyone has the old control bindings before SU5 or can you guys add an option for us to choose between the old and the new ones controls and we can use which ones we prefer more to use…

agreed, plus having to memorize the buttons all over again. annoying. thank you xbox release, just what PC players needed.

Yeah, agreed.

Since the update using a controller has become a pain. On some reboots of the game my controller will forget some mappings like retracting the landing gear and/or adjusting flaps. Going into the options menu, my xbox controller will appear as a generic controller and I cannot change the preset to xbox.

There is also an issue with basic controller inputs such as steering with the left joystick or other buttons ‘interacting’ with some drop down windows such as ATC. By interacting, I mean the window makes sounds as if you are mousing over the dropdown menu and selecting a choice.

True, I’ve troubles for exemple with custom views (up arrows), they are gone. And I can’t extend the flaps inside the cockpit, outside no problem. Its super annoying…

i cant get my flaps to work in cockpit view but they work in external vieew which isnt very realistic i hope they fix this in wu6 / hf 3 , see screenshot Imgur: The magic of the Internet

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Same with xbox controller.

Please asobo, put the old settings back :frowning:

Yes please! Have to remap every single action and it was a pain in the ■■■! What are they thinking at Asobo… i really cant tell

This is the exact issue I’m having. Weirdly, because I think I had a copy of default I duplicated the setting and had one that was safe from the update.

But, I got mixed up and deleted it by accident. I really would like to use that old version. Has anyone found a solution to this that doesn’t involve remapping. And if it does involve remapping… any tips?
Thanks and have a good day!

OMG yes, this change is killing me. Please give us a reversion option Asobo!