[Review] Burning Blue Design Farnborough Airport

Hi all,

I’ve just published my review of Burning Blue’s EGLF - perfect for all of your London-based bizjet & airshow needs! :slight_smile:


Thanks for these reviews, I enjoy them quite a bit. Keep it up :slight_smile:

I think however, that you are in general too kind on some of the developers. Jetways that don’t connect properly, magic floating light orbs, flickering textures or the aircraft bobbing in the video above, which often get a pass with “I don’t think the developers can do much about”, when I think they could.

He gets a free copy so he has to give good feedback right!

@RWIP66 Nope, very wrong indeed! :laughing: You obviously haven’t watched all that many of my reviews!

Thanks, I’m glad you’re enjoying them :slight_smile:

Soo… Jetways - Yes, they should work. I’ve never said that developers can’t do anything about them.

Magic floating orbs - I’m almost 100% sure that these cannot be removed by third party developers.

Aircraft bobbing - It’s a sim bug, which happens across all airports where generic aircraft are used as statics. That said, if custom models are used then they seem not to bob, so that’s a fair point which did occur to me after publishing the video and which I wish I had made.

Flickering textures - I have a certain amount of sympathy for developers with this one, because it happens with certain horizontal lines in multiple sceneries, including the default handcrafted airports. I don’t think I’ve ever said that there’s nothing developers can do about it, but I have read multiple people whose knowledge I trust saying that it’s to do with the way the sim sharpens the images on screen. You get a sort of strobing effect. So while they could make it stop, I believe this could only by achieved in a lot of instances by actually altering the way the building looks, therefore making it look less like the real thing. But I’ve certainly been very critical of other types of flickering textures in many of my reviews.

I think the issue is that I’ve learnt quite a lot about the problems of developing scenery for the platform over the last six months, and there really are quite a lot of things that third party developers don’t have the control over that they wish they did. When I know about these (orbs, bobbing aircraft & strobe-type flickering) I do tend to mention that they aren’t the developers’ fault because it’s true, and I feel that it’s only fair to mention this. But at the same time, the issues are still pointed out so, if they’re a deal breaker for the individual watching the videos, then they can see them and not buy the product. That feels reasonable, no?

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I bought it based on your review.

It looks great but FPS are poor and I have had three CTDs all three times I have tried to use it.

I have contacted Devs but had no reply.

At the moment, I am not inclined to buy again and I have removed it - shame as I like to support new products.

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Oh that sucks, I’m sorry to hear it. I didn’t have any problems with performance here. I have had issues in other areas since the last sim update though. I hope the devs get back to you soon.

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Did you try to go there without the airport installed?

A few months ago when I flew around the south coast.

I will try again when we get the performance hotfix.

The airport is my local so the surrounding scenery is very familiar and is modelled well from what I can see in the videos.

The price feels a bit steep though, £17? Is that typical?

Hi, it looks beautiful.

In comparison to FSX and Xplane, the price is reasonable - FS2020 has, in my opinion, pushed prices down.

Some FSX complex aircraft were in excess of £100 - getting silly!!

I think many companies make the mistake of making aircraft overly complex to meet the demands of a small percentage of ‘hard-core’ simmers.

I am a pilot, but I don’t have the time to sit and learn to operate numerous complex aircraft - sometimes, and especially with FS2020, I like to just jump in, fly and enjoy the vista and weather.

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I am comparing it against other airport releases on MSFS, many of which are comparable quality but about a 1/3 cheaper

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I think £17 for a scenery of this level of detail will be worth it to some and not to others. If you like flying business jets and want to use Farnborough as a base, it’s a no brainer. If you live nearby, it’s probably worth it too. But if you’re only going to visit once or twice, then yes, it is a bit steep for that. There are larger airports available for a lot less, but I suspect this is partly due to their popularity - Farnborough is never going to sell in the volumes that, say, Zurich or O’Hare might, so I guess the developer has to charge more to make a similar profit. It’s a niche product compared with many.

But this is why I make a point of not mentioning prices in a review unless I either think something is a rip-off, or not that great but worth it because of the cheap price. Some people will consider £17 extortionate for Farnborough, others will be really blown away by the details and know they’ll get a lot of use out of it so will consider it very reasonable.

Really good point on the popularity of the airport.

Likewise and it’s a real shame since it’s obvious a lot of care and attention has been poured into it.

It’s just a shame it brings my framerate down to the mid 20s when looking towards the business park / Costco area.