Review: FlyTampa Toronto

FlyTampa Toronto Review

Evening all! The big releases keep coming! I’ve just uploaded my full review of FlyTampa’s CYYZ. Hope you find it informative and interesting. :slight_smile:


the curvy part is called the hammerhead.

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I’ve been waiting for a review. Great job. I just bought it from Orbx and did a quick test. Wow. So much better than the default airport, and no fps hit that I can see. I was tossing up between this and the other CYYZ, and decided on this for two reasons. I have the Flytampa Sydney Airport and it’s great, so I figured this would be good as well. Also because I have other Orbx products, so it was easier to get from Orbx. But most of all because of the review. It convinced me that it was good.

Thanks. Keep up the videos. I watch a lot of your stuff.