[REVIEW] Great Britain Central by Orbx - Sightseeing Paradise 😎

I’d be more inclined to call it a sim if the ground tiles didn’t keep glitching and swapping different mismatching colours as you fly near them hahah.


I’ve finally installed add on linker. It seems to be working well so far, I was just put off by the learning curve, but now I’ve got it worked it I can tell its going to be super useful.


I think this is my bug. I didn’t think it was anything to do with zooming in and out of the map, but when I select a departure gate from an airport the map does automatically zoom to that location, so I guess this is indeed the problem. If the sim loads into a flight its stable, it only ever crashes on this map screen, so the fact hundreds of others seem to be having an issues makes me feel it will get fixed eventually.

Best thing is you can organise & structure your addons via windows file explorer and just have addonlinker find them all. Set up a few presets of mods that you use regularly.

Also you can use it to launch other start up programs so I use it to launch FSLTL automatically on every sim launch (with the option to wait for simconnect enabled.).

It’s a fantastic tool for organising mods and scenery. And quickly choosing only what you want to use before launching the sim.

Also I’ve found you can move out most marketplace bought airports from inside “onestore” directory and put them into your own add on structure directory ( if you want ) for addonlinker to link back in to community. They work fine for the most part. Only downside to doing this is that they don’t get auto updated by FS if there is an update, so you have to be eagle eyed with the friday dev update email to watch for updates.

Also seen a few issues where some 3rd party installers will see their airport, but won’t update the airport as it is a link. Ini’s installer is bad for this for example. So you have to unlink in addonlinker link before updating or reinstalling new version, then copy out new version into your add on directory. You will get the hang of it though.

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For onestore content including marketplace then enable that “experimental” feature in the settings and then addon linker will manage that directory just like it does community. I find this works excellently and means I have regions for marketplace add-ons just like for community, and can turn world updates on and off with a single click.

For 3rd party installers try and change their install location to a directory outside of the MSFS install and use addons linker to link them into the community folder, then updates etc work. For orbx you can do this with their libraries feature, so I have a library for each region.


The experimental part I’m not sure about. I previously read about it but I’m reluctant to test as I previously saw reports about it completely messing up FS for some, & I can’t face a reinstall. Copying (encrypted) marketplace airports out works though. I have everything in one place and hierarchically organised by mod type / scenery region. Just a bit more work required keeping it all up to date and a bit reliant on the dev report letting us know there’s an update available.