[REVIEW] Jonx EA-7 Edgley Optica

[REVIEW] Jonx EA-7 Edgely Optica

I installed the Jonx EA-7 Edgely Optica from FlightSimulator.to a few days ago. It is not a FSX port but a new aircraft made for MSFS. This has to be one of the oddest shaped aircraft ever. But the odd shape is what makes this aircraft special. Also, it uses a pusher turbo fan instead of the usual engine/propeller.

Here are several reasons to try out the Jonx EA-7 Edgely Optica. First, the almost 360° view is incredible, similar to many helicopters. Second, how many aircraft have a dog in the cockpit? Third, the flight characteristics are excellent. This aircraft is easy to fly. Take-offs and landings are a breeze, pun intended. Fourth, skis are easily added when flying in snow country. Fifth, avionics are modern including an autopilot for those long duration flights. Sixth, the developer support is excellent! I think there is some mind reading going on because the items I mentioned in a comment were delivered the next day in an update to v 1.1. Version 1.2 is now available fixing several minor but important items. Seventh, IRL the Edgely Optica has an interesting (strange?) development history. Only 22 aircraft have been built.

I’m don’t know why the Aerosoar team chose this aircraft to be built for MSFS but I am glad they did. I recommend to anyone flying GA aircraft to add this aircraft to their MSFS hanger. 5+ stars! On your next flight don’t forget to bring the dog treats for man’s best friend!
Jonx EA-7 Edgely Optica

Edit: Changed Aerosoar to Jonx.


Yeah, I gave it a brief try a couple of days ago, and was quite impressed.

Just the thing for sightseeing. :+1:

As requested by the community admins, I am migrating the EA-7 Edgley Optica to this discussion thread for the community to respond to any requests and to share highlights from their flights.

Update #1: Texture Overall (Version 1.2)
Last week I worked extremely hard and thanks to the efforts of TwoSeventyInc, he was able to help me improve the textures tremendously inside and out. I’ll post some photos below.

Download Available [Freeware]: Flightsim.to

Just to give OP some background. Aerosoar was the original team that released the FSX conversion a few months ago and since then we’ve been working hard to do a Native version from the amazing community response. This here is a result of the entire community and we couldn’t thank you all enough… also, dog animations incoming.

There is a comprehensive Community Paint Kit available as well: EA-7 Edgley Optica Paint Kit » Microsoft Flight Simulator


I downloaded it just for kicks…It’s a great little plane. Especially if you intend on doing some sight seeing. A blast to fly…

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To celebrate Aerosoar’s EA-7 Edgley Optica re-release to MSFS, I will be reviving some old liveries by Gary Moore “Poko” to upscaled 4K. I have tried to preserve as much as the old livery as possible, while still allowing it to work with the new rebuild and 3-map texturing. So I’m kicking it off with the USCG Livery, available now.

Download on FlightSim.to


Looks fantastic even without the paint… metallic shining matches the glass… great model. From the outside, the glass reflects the sun

haven’t discovered any dogs yet :smiley_cat:

Awesome pictures! Turn on “Man’s Best Friend” using the switch near the top of the canopy.


The Erasmus Bridge, Rotterdam

De Kuip football stadium, Rotterdam


Next Update will feature another texture Overhaul. Exterior is finally getting to final quality. Paint Kit will remain the same.


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Dude! Where is that first shot from???

Google “Dubai shoreline” for some great real life images of this area.

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates. That’s one of three artificial islands off the coast. Launch out of Dubai International (OMDB), there’s plenty of PG assets, including the hotel from Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol.

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That’s awesome! Thank you.

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One of my faves.

Took this one for the Sunset topic…

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Orbx has announced their rendition of the Edgley Optica and released a trailer of their work. I would personally like to congratulate them on their incredible achievement. If you want to splash out on a realistic purchase, please consider supporting them. My “FINAL” update will be coming out soon and I don’t plan on releasing more updates after that due to a viable alternative. As promised, this will forever be a Freeware alternative and the good doggo will always be there to give you company on your sightseeing flights. Once again, thank you for all the support.


Personal Comments:

Thanks @NewkTV for all your hard work on the Aerosoar Edgely Optica. The Orbx version will be successful in part because your model paves the way for a lot of folks who had never even heard about or seen this amazing plane until you brought it to life. Hope to see you back in the Development scene in the future.


And, too me, the dog sells the freeware version



Hahaha, that music… you’d expect a Space Shuttle launch with that Hans Zimmer like score… funny :slight_smile:

Not sure if they were aiming for that effect though…