Review of the Eurofighter Typhoon Jet Jan2021

An Honest review of the latest installment on marketplace to purchase. See what you think.

Blue side up.

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My Daughter’s Boy Friend wanted to Fly in the RAF as a Fighter Jet pilot but was refused owing to his being 6 ft 2 inches tall. " You can Train for Transport’s " said the Recruiting Officer.
"No Thank’s " say’s the Would be Jet Ace and went off to earn a fortune as an Amazon IT Troubleshooter.

My point being,… That Pilot is out of Scale and that being the case is most certainly attaining RAF requirement’s for Short Fighter Pilot’s.

Mein Gottness ! It look’s just like a Human Being aber mehr Klein !

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Minutes talking about the exterior model and no mention of the landing gear.


I talked about the landing lights. I’ve just accepted the whole aircraft is just Gash lol

But missed the rather obvious screw up of the wheels being attached to the inside of the struts instead of outside. It looks totally club-footed.

The torque links are also on the back rather than the front.

It wouldn’t be worth the asking price if it was free.


A hideous, frankensteins monster.


Totally agree. Absolute garbage. This better be pulled off the marketplace immediately and full refunds given because this is no where near a state at which it would even be classed as freeware. Let alone cost £20.

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Hey !,… Don’t ‘Knock’ Fronkensteen !!! He get’s the Girl in the end and so does ‘The Creature’ !

First Reaction while Checking the Under Carriage,…! ! ! !

There There,… Don’t Fret mein kleine Liebchen !
One Day even You will come to Grip’s with Retopology and be able to create Authentic and well Rendered Aircraft for our Beloved Sim.


Agreed. Its junk.

Microsoft said i can’t have a refund!! every time I ask for one they close the case.

It should not be in teh store… its terrible.


Help! I have purchased this at £16 and it won’t take off! goes along the runway shouting stall warning, its on the ground FFS! (I must be killing loads of people in the town of Rochford, Essex (its the town nearest Southend airport!))
Anyone else had this? restarting/reloading takes an age, any ideas?

check your flight model?